Wedding Tree Guestbook

wedding tree guest book

wedding tree guest book

I was browsing the web for some unique ideas for our wedding when I stumbled upon the site of wedding photographer Jonas Peterson. I saw Paul and Cassie’s unique guestbook which was a wedding tree. I just love the idea and we will probably go for this instead of the usual photobook. I would love to hang my very own print at home.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Tree Guestbook

  1. Russian

    Thanks for info, I am always looking for something interesting on the Internet, i want to send
    photos for your blog

    1. Katrina Alana

      Hi Russian. You can email your photos to us provided that you own, license or credited the source of your photos. We will have them reviewed before posting. We would welcome guest bloggers as well 🙂

  2. Za

    Hi Katrina, just wondering if you are able to design this (with frame) for my wedding? If yes, please quote the price ya. Thanks a lot!

    1. Katrina Alana Post author

      Hi Fiza. I sent you an email for the quote. We offer the print, frame, instruction guide for guest as well as the ink for the thumb print. We actually sell a print that is the exact licensed illustration.

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  4. fynn

    hi, im actually interested to get something like this for my wedding but i would want a slightly different design, are you able to quote me a price with the ink print as well?


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