Our Wedding Invitations

We wanted our invitations to be very unique. I knew that I wanted to use our photo, make it the design simple, modern, vintage but still romantic. I just loved how mustard yellow makes such a cute statement¬† but I also wanted something that would contrast this color without looking so loud. Blue seemed like a great choice. As a bride, I wanted so many things that I didn’t know how to make all the ideas fit. I had to think of ways on how to make the design look cohesive.

So my sister shopped for hankies and got them printed at a friend’s t-shirt printing shop in Cebu while my fiance and I labored through printing, cutting out the stickers and tags. We shipped packages to and from until we had 3 different households helping us assemble the invitations.

In the end, we got our one of a kind invitation. We’re very thankful for all the help we got. I’m so lucky that my fiance, family and friends were so supportive and lent their time and effort in helping make the my design a reality.

Our wedding invitation

Our wedding invitation

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