Making Message-in-a-Cookie-Cutter Cookies

I don’t have much experience in baking so my husband teaches me how to bake stuff. Growing up, he helped his Mom bake during holiday season. We tinted the dough pink, green and yellow. Last night he made the dough for the sugar cookie recipe that came with the Message-in-a-Cookie-Cutter set. We left it in the fridge as instructed and decided to make it this afternoon.

Our friends, Shanta and Kyle, helped us make the cookies. We gathered around the window with a table pushed against the wall so that we could have great lighting. It was actually my first time making cookies and it was quite fun. We had a tough time getting the impressions to come out properly at first so then we decided to review the instructions.

You have to keep pushing the knob like thing (also called the plunger) while lifting the cookie cutter so that you get the best impression. The dough would become warm and hard to roll and Kyle had this idea to bring a bowl of ice to keep the dough cool while we thought of messages to imprint in the cookies.

The cookies did not come out like the one’s in the photo at all after we took out the first batch. The message actually became blurred when we cooked it even if we refrigerated it for 12 mins as instructed. We placed the second batch in the freezer to cool before baking since I remembered that frozen bread actually bakes well and when I peeped in the oven window the cookies started to look close to the photo but then we were making this big dinner and we forgot about the cookies. The cookies became toasted but the good news is that the impressions were better.  The next time we make the cookies, we will probably leave it in the freezer longer before baking it.

So here are some tips when making the cookies:

  • Have a bowl full of ice to keep the dough cool while you think of messages for the cookies.
  • Make sure your hands are cool so dip them in iced water or better yet hold them up against the AC.
  • Work in a cool room.
  • Place wax paper under the cookie dough and make the impression. It makes it easy to arrange them in the baking sheet and ensures that the impressions are not damaged while moving the cookies about.
  • Push the plunger while lifting the cookie cutter.
  • Use flour generously to coat the cookie cutter and the letters to keep the dough from sticking on them.
  • Freeze the cookies instead of refrigerating it

So a more experienced baker might have better luck with making these cookies. The recipe tastes great though. We will to make this some other weekend and we will try it with the original and a short bread recipe to see if the message doesn’t become blurry after baking.

2 thoughts on “Making Message-in-a-Cookie-Cutter Cookies

  1. ayesha

    I got all excited about this and bought it new of of Ebay because it had sold out on WIlilams-Sonoma. I had zero luck with the cookies as well and I followed the instructions exactly. I was super disappointed because the ones of the boxes are utterly unattainable.

    1. admin

      I read the reviews at the Williams Sonoma site and some suggested a short bread cookie recipe. I’m planning on giving it another shot since I want to use this set to make cookies as party favors. Have you tried other recipes?


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