Hair Problems

When I went for my test make-up with the make-up artist we hired for the wedding, he commented on how thin my hair was and that it was not long enough for a proper updo.  He recommened some products for me to try so that my hair would become healthier and grow faster.

When I went back to Singapore I couldn’t find the brand that he mentioned so I asked my collegue Rachelle to recommend a good shampoo and she told me to try Phyto’s Revitalizing shampoo.

I was put off by the price however I did notice the dramatic improvement in her hair so I decided to try a bottle. Fast forward to 4 months later and my hair grew faster than normal and it became more healthy.  The shampoo seemed concentrated and would make my hair bubble even if I used a small amount. When my sister came to visit she even noticed the change in my hair.

I recommended the shampoo to my friend, Shanta and she also noticed improvement in her hair and she even bought some for her mom.

Note: We do not do product endorsements. All products we review are bought using our own hard earned money and all opinions expressed are based on our personal experience.

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