Public Garden: F1 Pit Flea Market

We registered as sellers for the Public Garden Flea Market which was held at the second floor of the F1 Pit Building beside the Singapore Flyer.

When we got to the parking lot we didn’t see a lot of people around but when we got to the venue there was a good size crowd inside. I have to say that the Public Garden Team does very good marketing for the event. The location is a bit remote but the customers were there. Their social media reaches the right demographics and people were there to buy and not just browse.

Our Booth with our DIY Wooden Display Stands

We also met some great sellers and there were a lot of indie brands in the event. There were vendors selling pastries, ice cream, clothes, stationery, art and even books. The only thing lacking was someone selling cold drinks which we are very fond of.

Bought this informative little book from alter:sg

We met one of the writers, Christine since she bought our wax seals. When I was able to walk around during my snack break I saw their table and popped by. It’s so interesting to meet authors. The book was a joint project between friends who wanted to bring a fresh perspective to interesting places in Singapore. We got a copy and we recommend you get yours. Visit their site at

Loved the Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake

Milk Bar was one of the first stalls we saw when we came to set-up. They had their tables by the entrance. We tried the Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake which was so yummy. The icing was light and cool while the chocolate cupcake was decadent. See their products and get tempted at

Illustrations and prints by minifanfan

The illustrations from minifanfan caught my eye. The illustrations are unique plus the ladies manning the booth were quite friendly. Find more of their work at

Cool items from the little drom store

The necklaces and pins from the little drom store were just so cute that you had to stop and look around at the other things being sold at the table. Stop by their site at

How can you not love these faux wax sealed clutches for Veira

So it’s no secret that we love wax seals and we couldn’t help but just love the bags that Veira made. Support this local designer and buy her products at

Plushies, pins and other cute things from Mimipong

Mimipong plushies and pins are just so adorable. See more cute stuff at

Don’t miss the next Public Garden flea market. If your like going to bazaars you’ll like this event.

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