Owl Plushies

We launched our new plushies at the Public Garden Flea Market this weekend. We got a lot of customers interested in buying the sewing pattern and complete sewing kit which we will be launching this month.

It was difficult to part with two of our plushies . I guess it is so easy to get attached to something you spend hours making. The lovely ladies from irui.com.sg gave our plushies a new home. We got one of them to pose for a quick photo.

Bought by the ladies from irui.com.sg

2 thoughts on “Owl Plushies

  1. Bob

    The owl plushies are very adorable! My girlfriend loves owls very much too! I havent gave her anything special yet and I like to get the owl plushies for her upcoming birthday.

    I am wondering if I can buy the 3 different owl plushies as seen in the pictures from you? I understand that you only sell the sewing kit, but I am hoping if I can request to order the plushies to be made. It would be a nice surprise for my girlfriend especially since she has been going through some tough times.

    Hope to hear from you! 🙂
    Thank you!


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