I’ve always wanted to try making my own pesto sauce and we finally got around to cooking it. Our roommate, Shanta, was baking bread and making this yummy Potato Cauliflower soup when I sprung the idea of making pizza with her. We’ve had this plan to make pizza for years now but never really got around to doing it.

Recipe by Black Eiffel

I followed this recipe from Black Eiffel which I saw on Pinterest. Instead of Romano cheese we used Parmesan.  We were able to make this Feta, Tomato (fresh and sun dried) and Pesto Pizza with Shanta’s bread recipe and a Pesto on Spinach Fettuccine dish.

Feta,Tomato and Pesto Pizza

Pesto on Spinach Fettucine with Maple Bacon and French Bread

This Pesto recipe is so versatile and oh so yummy! We will definitely be making this again and again.

2 thoughts on “Pesto

  1. B.

    That sounds incredible!! I have been wanting to make pesto for a while. Thanks for sharing that recipe for it!

    Hope you’re doing Lovely,
    That Girl in Pearls

    1. Katrina Alana Post author

      Hi B,

      Let me know when you make it. It’s really easy and it’s super yummy. We don’t have a food processor so we used a blender and it still turned out great.


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