Etsy Craft Party: Wish you were here

We went to the Handmade Singapore’s Craft Party last weekend. Suzi from Tiramisuzi organized the event at her apartment. There were eight participants and we were going to carve linocuts using this soft rubber from Art Friends.

Sketch and Final Linocut

The theme was for the craft party was “Wish you were here”. It was our own delayed celebration of the Etsy worldwide craft party celebration.

My Pardo Print

I made a linocut of my parent’s house because I missed my family and I wished they were with me.

Lex’s Camera Linocut

I’ll post links from the other participant’s blog when their posts go up.

Prints from the other participants


  • Event Organizer
  • Blog post: Linocut Craft Party

Hello Embrace

14 thoughts on “Etsy Craft Party: Wish you were here

  1. Swellmomma

    I LOVE linoleum block printing! I actually spent sometime teaching the kids this craft last spring, your post has me wanting to do more. Great job!

  2. Tiffany

    What a fun project. I love doing stuff like this, especially getting together with like minded people. I wish there was a bigger presence of Etsians locally where I am. Those look great.

  3. Jungpo

    They are very beautiful! I have also tried to carve linocuts at school when I was younger but the results weren’t as successful as yours 🙂


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