Penmanship Poster

I couldn’t resist getting this Penmanship poster at City Luxe yesterday. This was similar to the guide we had growing up. My handwriting was so awful until I discovered calligraphy in high school and decided to put some effort in writing.

Although I don’t have a house yet, I’m slowly collecting things to decorate my future home. I’ll be hanging this in my future library / studio.

7 thoughts on “Penmanship Poster

  1. Jungpo

    I love cursive!
    Unfortunately my cursive-hand-writing isn’t too good although I like to use it more than “normal” writing!
    I heard my country’s children are not taught cursive any longer, I think that’s such a pity!!! Although I understand it’ll take too much time to teach the kids to write on two different ways, especially when cursive is pretty old-fashion and anyways all the kids prefer writing “normally.”


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