Heart Frames Project

I found this wonderful project by Kristina from www.love.a. I got in touch with her and she told me that she got the inspiration for the frame heart from an old issue of Marie Claire Idees and she always wanted to have a heart on top of their bed. She loves photography so she named her project the Heart Frames Project. I’d love to do this project someday. It would be the perfect way to feature family photos.

4 thoughts on “Heart Frames Project

  1. LouLou


    I love this idea.Have seen it floating around the internet on different websites pinterest one of them.

    I wouldn’t mind having ago at this project myself.But i would make each frame a different colour ^_^

    best wishes and happiness

  2. Sam

    Wow, this is amazing! This gave me an idea: Maybe I will do the same thing, but with postcard I’ve received 🙂

    You have a nice blog! Thanks for sharing this.


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