Free Christmas Gift Tag Printables

We’ve created some gift tags for the holiday season so we can personalize our gifts to our loved ones. Last weekend, we had a gift exchange with friends. We made our own wrapping paper using some handmade stamps and colorful stamp pads that we made for last year’s craft party.

Click on this graphic, download and print with your laser or ink jet printer.

10 thoughts on “Free Christmas Gift Tag Printables

  1. Stephanie

    I love how you stamped the brown paper. I’ve always been fond of brown paper wrapping with twine or string, and for a number of years, that’s how I wrapped presents. Now I tend to use whatever’s in the house, because we have a huge surplus of wrapping paper that’s older than I am.

    Stephanie – Follow Me #9

  2. Jungpo

    Very neat and cute tags & packets! I really should try to use your idea and stamp some nice patterns onto a brown paper and wrap presents with it, it looks really great.
    I love your blog, everything you make is always so neat and beautiful and whether I visit your blog, I feel very peaceful for some reason 😀 Maybe it’s the white layout and nicely edited photos!
    Wishing you peaceful Christmas, Jungpo follow me 9

    1. Katrina Alana Post author

      I wanted to make all my wrapping paper this year since its so much fun but our schedule became way too hectic. I’m glad that you like our blog since we put a lot of effort into each post. Merry Christmas to you too!


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