Jeans – The Right Fit Can Make A Difference

Some jeans just make you look good while others make you look so dated or God forbid, make you look like you’re wearing the dreaded “Mom jeans”. I’m not a fashion expert at all but at this point in my life, I know that the right fit matters. What exactly are the things we need to look for in a pair of jeans?

Rachel from Grasping for Objectivity published this article, On the Proper Fitting of Jeans and I really do recommend that you read it. I really felt that I needed to share this and Rachel was kind enough to let me use her photo. Her article  talks about pocket types, tightness, flare, color and stitching and she even has photos and with an accompanying explanation for each criteria.

Take a look at this photo below. Are you wearing jeans that make you look like the picture in the middle? She even has tips for plus-sized ladies so check out that article too.

Courtesy of Rachel from Grasping for Objectivity

5 thoughts on “Jeans – The Right Fit Can Make A Difference

  1. amoAngelus

    Or better yet, take a friend with you to tell you. Getting the right fitting jeans isn’t about where the pockets are…it’s about how they flatter you and if you don’t know that by feel then reading an article is only going to help you a little. Taking a friend along with you to tell you will do a lot more good.

  2. Mimi

    GREAT IDEAS AND TIPS! I never actually take much notice as I dont have eyes at the back of my head hahha!
    I should maybe sometimes take a look and see what people can see behind me!

    Ichigoshortcake now following you on sb! xx


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