The Wolverine

We’re both huge X-Men fans so naturally we’d catch The Wolverine as soon as possible. We managed to watch it a few days after it was released here in Singapore. The movie was entertaining but it was short of being awesome. If you haven’t watched the movie, stop reading now. Spoilers below.
TheWolverineIt bothered me that Wolverine and Mariko lacked on screen chemistry and I found it hard to believe that Logan would risk his life to help Mariko. This thing kept bugging me throughout the movie specially since he had a very touching scene in the end when he was letting Jean Grey go and he even had more chemistry with Yukio that his supposed love interest in the movie.

The fight scene between Yashida and Wolverine bored me a bit since it seemed almost impossible that he could beat the old man in a gigantic robot with adamantium body. The director could have shown him doing something that exhibited great physical strength before this fight scene so that it didn’t seem so implausible that he could actually bear the fight scene.

Overall I found the story was great but it was very predictable. The quality if the 3d effects was great but you don’t have to watch the movie in 3d. It was entertaining but it fell short of my expectations.

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  1. cf

    Haha! My boyfriend yawn quite a lot becos he says there are too much conversation, and I cannot believe Mariko just fall in love with logan just like that. Have you watched Red2? I think it is comparable nicer.


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