I’ve always wanted to learn how to sketch. I admire people who can finish a drawing quickly and their work seems effortless. So after years of hesitating, I pushed myself to do something about it.

At Upper Cross Street

I decided to draw a series of shop houses in Chinatown. This one took me about 3 hours to do. My mistake was that I drew everything in pencil then I inked it after. I should have drawn the rough outline in pencil then inked the details. Halfway through inking, my wrists were tired and I was getting sunburned. My spirits were running low but I knew I had to finish it or else I won’t be bothered to.

Inking the sketch after making the pencil drawing

I’m pretty happy with the results but I still feel that I’m putting too much detail in. Hopefully I can bring down my drawing time. My target is to be able to do a sketch in 15 minutes. I’m looking forward to sketching in the weekend. Hopefully I can draw something better in less time.

Pen and ink

22 thoughts on “Sketching

  1. nueyer

    What do you mean you want to learn how to sketch. You already can! That’s a lovely piece of art! I’m sure you’ll get faster with more practice =)

  2. Bev

    I can’t believe you’ve never sketched before. What a beautiful first try! I hope you keep it up; you obviously have real talent.

    1. Katrina Alana Post author

      Thanks Bev. I have never sketched on location before until last weekend. My first piece was too ugly to show. I can draw from pictures but that goes against the manifesto of urban sketching. I’m hopin to draw more so I can join the group later on.

  3. elle

    Wow! That looks so pretty 🙂 I admire you for having the fortitude to sketch for three hours. I envy people who can sketch, as for me somewhere between my eyes and my hand the wires get crossed and my mind can’t properly translate what my eye has seen.

    Great job!

  4. Jessica Edwards

    Lovely job! This is more of a study than a sketch, which you have done a beautiful job at. Sketching is very free and where you get an overall feel of what you are drawing before touching it up with detail. My art professor in collage would never let us use our erasers while sketching. and we held our pencils high up instead of at the end point to keep that looseness. You are doing wonderfully! I love it! I am Jessica from swapbot.

    1. Katrina Alana Post author

      Thank you for the constructive feedback Jessica. I really appreciate it. I will research the difference between a sketch and a study. I still feel I need to learn more about sketching.

  5. miss beguen

    The architecture and the colors of the houses and shops are really interesting, we do not have the chance to have this kind of building in France.
    Your design is really beautiful, congratulations for this first test and when you put watercolor will be even more beautiful …
    Have a nice day!

    1. Katrina Alana Post author

      Thank you. The buildings are gorgeous. I think you have a different type of building in France but yours are just as beautiful. I’m still trying to get a working knowledge on watercolor. I did some watercolor during the weekend. I’ll post that soon.

  6. Cath

    Awesome drawing! Shophouses are one of my favourite things! In fact, I took a photo of that very stretch about 3 weeks ago whilst walking past! Well done for sticking with it (and hope you didn’t get too sunburned)!


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