Photo A Day: December 2013 Weekly Roundup

I first heard about a A Photo A Day from our friend Marie of Etincelle Creative Studio and I found it very interesting. I joined a few times but I wasn’t able to finish an entire month so I’m committed to finishing the December prompts even if we’re going on vacation in a few weeks.

Day 1: Red chair on the train on the way to the airport

Day 2: Where I stood with my hubby on the way to the airport

Day 3: Silver details on a Christmas present for someone special

Day 4: Tiny pot of yellow lilies made from clay. Bought it in Hong Kong during our honeymoon.

Day 5: In the cupboard. No food just stationery supplies.

Day 6: Shadow of a gorgeous ceramic lamp.

Day 7: 6 o’clock. Sharing my favorite mushroom soup with my hubby.

A Photo A Day was started by popular blogger Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim on January 2012. She shares a daily theme for the photo of the day. The list of prompts are released monthly batches through her blog and social media accounts. You don’t have to worry if you miss a day since you can skip it if you want to and there is a very vibrant community in Facebook where you can interact with other participants. I love doing something creative everyday and a Photo A Day is a perfect artistic outlet for me.

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