Spacing Guide Sheet for Modern Calligraphy

One of the challenging things in learning Modern Calligraphy is tackling the issue of connecting and spacing letters as you’re learning how to flex the pen. This takes some time to get used to.

Spacing Guide Sheet Practice

Practicing with the Spacing Guide Sheet

During our workshop, we address this issue by providing different types of guide sheets. We develop our own materials to help speed up learning and to equip participants on how to successfully practice at home. We provide some exemplars and one-on-one instruction but the key to learning calligraphy is always to set aside time to practice. We highly recommend practicing for at least 20 minutes at least thrice a week. You can download this guide sheet via our drop box link but please do not link directly to Dropbox if you want to share this guide sheet in your site. Please link to this blog post. You can download a copy of the Modern Calligraphy Spacing guide sheet here so you can practice at your own convenience. You may also like to check out our blank guide sheets here.

Calligraphy Spacing Guide Sheet

    We recommend:

  • printing using a laser printer
  • using the highest quality copy bond paper available

We love hearing feedback and questions from our participants since it allows us to improve the class, learning materials or format. Feel free to email us or get in touch via our contact form. We’d love to hear how you’re progressing. Please leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Spacing Guide Sheet for Modern Calligraphy

  1. Karina

    Hi Katrina

    I attended your calligraphy workshop on the 31st. I was wondering about the ink you provided… it came in a little glass screw jar. Was it daiso’s sumi ink? i just bought a bottle, wondering if its the same ink so i could top it up…

    also, what was the ink in the noodler’s pen you provided?

    thanks for your help!


      1. Karina

        Cool, thanks!

        you know there’s all this chinese calligraphy ink at the bookstores… does it work with the flexible nib?

        p.s. looks like a fun trip you’re having in Penang!

        1. Katrina Alana Post author

          Thank you. We had a great time in Penang.

          You can use Chinese sumii ink for flex nib calligraphy. I haven’t tried those stick or powder pigment before though


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