We haven’t forgotten about this blog but lately we haven’t been sharing anything due to our schedule. We’ve been so busy with projects lately that we haven’t had the time to post content from as far back as July. Whenever we can, we just rest to avoid total exhaustion.

It’s so exciting that things are moving along but I think that we haven’t had the time to relish our experiences and really savor each moment before jumping on to the next project. Starting September, we will more selective about the work that we take on so we can launch some passion projects that have been in the pipeline for years now.

I’ve been lugging my iPad everywhere taking photos and I was hoping to sneak in quick blog post however my full attention is required during these events and meetings. I have been active on Instagram since it only takes a minute to post something so please check @katrinaalana quick updates or to interact with us via the comment section.

We really want to share useul information, experiences and reviews like when we went to a trip to Penang, played around with new calligraphy materials, tried some new recipes, joined the Yellowren Festival and so much more. We will be resuming weekly blog posts by September 15.


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