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It was winter when we moved to Melbourne

It’s been a few months since our last blog post and I’m sorry to have been MIA. I’ve been a little more active on Instagram but not by much. I will be posting more updates starting this week.

We’ve been so swamped on the back end doing rebranding and product development. Moving to Melbourne has inspired me to create and redesign so many things in our line.

Etsy Made Local Melbourne

One of the things we’ve been passionate about is the Etsy Made Local Melbourne Market. It is happening on November 28 at Collingwood on Rupert on Rupert and Allpress. Being a team leader has been incredibly fulfilling for me. I get to work with the most amazing ladies ever, Jen, Deanna, Nik and Shu.

Calligraphy and Ceramics Experiments

Calligraphy and Ceramics Experiments

I have been experimenting with calligraphy and illustration using materials and printing mediums I haven’t used before. Clay has been my favorite so far but I only have access to a studio once a week. I’ve been so eager to come back each week and see what my pieces look like after they have been fired.

We haven’t had the time to organize calligraphy workshops here in Melbourne. We hope to resume classes by December or January.

We are also in the middle of producing more calligraphy supplies. We’re prototyping and testing now.

Our Etsy shop is once again selling our greeting cards and prints. We will be adding more stationery with a new and exciting designs on November. The wax seals and sealing wax will be on sale again by Monday however custom orders will still be on hold since there is a delay in our equipment.

Thank you so much for supporting us through the years. Exciting things are coming soon. We can’t wait to share them with you.

Kat & Lex

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