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Creme Brulee with a Rice Cooker

I first heard about Creme Brulee in the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding. The movie was memorable but so was this dessert. We love French food and we got a torch burner last month so naturally we wanted to try making it but the problem was that we didn’t have an oven in this place.

Creme Brulee with a Rice Cooker

Creme Brulee with a Rice Cooker

We researched on alternative ways to make this dessert and we found out that you can make this dessert using a rice cooker. This recipe by Christine Ho for LifeHacker was really easy to follow but we made a few tweaks.

If you want a sweeter base, use regular sugar instead of caster sugar but it will not dissolve as easily as caster sugar so you have to stir until the sugar is fully dissolved.

If you are making more than 1 batch, cook the creme brulee for 18 minutes then take it out and place the next ramekin in the steamer. Leave it to cool until it is at room temp. Once cooled, you can place the container in the fridge until you’re ready to serve it.

Creme Brulee Caramel

This layer of sugar is perfect for a crunchy caramel top

For the caramelized sugar on top, we prefer regular sugar also since it makes a crispy caramel layer. Sprinkle sugar until you have thorough but light coating. Burn the sugar until you see some caramelization.

I just love how delicious this dessert turned out. This recipe and cooking method is no different from making the dessert in a water bath in the oven. I’m not a big caramel fan but I really love the texture of the fresh crunchy caramel.

Making creme brulee is easy and it’s a great dessert to make for parties since you can make it ahead of time and just caramelize the sugar before serving.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on other ways to make creme brulee or if you tweaked the recipe tell us how it turned out by leaving a comment below.

Zig Marker Italic Guide Sheets

We had our first Italic Calligraphy workshop last Saturday at The Workroom. I promised the class that I would share some guide sheets here at the blog. This is what I use when I practice with a Zig Marker that has a 2 mm and 3.5 mm edge.

Zig Marker Italic Guide Sheets

Practicing Italic

When I measured the nib width of the marker it was 0.25 mm off, so the 2 mm edge is actually 1.75 mm and the 3.5 mm is actually 3.25 mm.

We recommend using a good quality sheet of paper so that there is a reduced chance of feathering. I usually print on A4 sheets of paper that are around 140 gsm. The paper on the photo is a light grey Fabriano purchased from Art Friend.

Please feel free to share this. Kindly link to this post and not to the files themselves.

You can download our Zig Marker Italic Guide Sheets printables in two sizes: 1.75 mm and 3.25 mm.

Zig 2 mm or 1.75 mm Guide Sheet

Zig 3.5 or 3.25 mm

Modern Calligraphy with Public Garden

We had our first workshop collaboration teaching Modern Calligraphy with Public Garden last month. It was held on August 2 which was a Saturday at TripleOne Sommerset. We’re glad to announce that we are holding another session on September 21 after getting a good response on our initial collaboration.

Live Laugh Love Calligraphy Print

We gave away free calligraphy prints for the first time

We love developing new learning materials for the class ever since we started holding workshops this year. We held more than 17 classes so far and each time we tweak and improve our learning materials. We have upgraded our workshop materials by switching to an oblique calligraphy nib, provided more ink and adding more worksheets at no extra cost to our students.

Calligraphy Tools

We equip our students with tools so they can continue learning and improving after the session ends

After the initial discussion on materials and terms, participants practice on the spot. Lex and I constantly go around the room and check-in on each participant several times during the session in case they have any questions or they need additional instructions.

TripleOne Sommerset

Bright white space at TripleOne Sommerset

It was pretty exciting to hold our little workshop and occupy a huge chunk of the 16th floor. I love how bright the light was in the space. We had a wonderful turnout and everyone was so keen on starting the activity. The time flew by and we extended the workshop by more than 30 minutes.

Quote Calligraphy

For this session, we had a quote writing activity at the end of the class. The activity varies from class to class.

Aside from doing drills and going through our custom alphabet, we hold a calligraphy activity at the end of each session. We vary the activity from class to class but for this session, we asked participants to practice writing quotes so they can immediately practice what they’ve learned.

Calligraphy Drills

Drills, drills and more drills!

We had some delicious refreshments were provided by Cupplets. I apologize for not sharing a photo of the actual snack but it was truly chocolatey and a little decadent.

Photo courtesy of Cupplets: Not the actual food served. We were so focused on eating that we forgot to take a photo.

At the end of the session, we handed out Public Garden Participation Certificates for the class. We’d like to thank the Public Garden team for inviting us to participate in their workshop series.

Modern Calligraphy Workshop Participants

Modern Calligraphy Workshop Participants

To sign-up for our September 21 Workshop:

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Photo Caption from @katrinaalana: Want to learn #moderncalligraphy? We have another class with @publicgarden on Sep 21 at TripleOne Sommerset. Sign-up via Sign-up now as spots are running out.

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We haven’t forgotten about this blog but lately we haven’t been sharing anything due to our schedule. We’ve been so busy with projects lately that we haven’t had the time to post content from as far back as July. Whenever we can, we just rest to avoid total exhaustion.

It’s so exciting that things are moving along but I think that we haven’t had the time to relish our experiences and really savor each moment before jumping on to the next project. Starting September, we will more selective about the work that we take on so we can launch some passion projects that have been in the pipeline for years now.

I’ve been lugging my iPad everywhere taking photos and I was hoping to sneak in quick blog post however my full attention is required during these events and meetings. I have been active on Instagram since it only takes a minute to post something so please check @katrinaalana quick updates or to interact with us via the comment section.

We really want to share useul information, experiences and reviews like when we went to a trip to Penang, played around with new calligraphy materials, tried some new recipes, joined the Yellowren Festival and so much more. We will be resuming weekly blog posts by September 15.