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Guest Post: Valentine’s Gift Guide by Heidi

As Valentine’s Day is approaching it can be difficult to come up with gift ideas for your loved one or friends. And there is no better place to look for gifts than from the handmade community on Etsy. Here are some fabulous Valentine’s Etsy finds for all different types of Valentines.

Cards for your secret or not so secret Valentine.

via elSage

via elSage

via Letter Happy

via The Wallaroo

Fun Valentine’s for school.

via Jojo Bean Designs

via Write With Moxie

via kraze4paper

You can’t forget about jewelry for your Valentine, and there’s plenty of it!

via All Beta

via Dianth USA

via Glorious Girl Jewelry

Personalized gifts are a fabulous way of showing that you’ve really thought about your Valentine.

via Merriweather Council

via Lulu and Jayne

via One Reverie

via Oh Louise Designs

And if you still haven’t found the right gift for your valentine, hopefully this will give you a starting point! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

fab n’ Free: 30 Free Valentine Exchange Cards for Boys & Girls

We’re happy to be featured in fab n’ FREE’s Valentine Card post. There are a lot of cool printables and ideas in this post.

Visit fab n FREE to view the complete Valentine Post

Our favorites:

  1. Grade School Valentines by field journal
  2. Our Woof Valentine 
  3. Arrr you ready for some by mer mag
  4. Printable Class Valentine by one charming party
  5. 14 days o love free air mail valentine by Wonder Forest

Guest Post: Valentine’s Gift Guide by Polly

Hi! I’m Polly and I blog over at This Enchanted Pixie. I thought I’d share with you a few gift ideas for Valentines Day!!
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight
What would you like for Valentines?

Free Printable: Thank You Cards for Christmas

Do you need to send thank you cards for some presents your received this Christmas? Check out these lovely free Thank You card and sticker printable from Brandi of keeping it indie. Check out her blog for more projects and recipes.

Download at keeping it indie

keeping it indie

Monogram Decoration

Isn’t this gorgeous? I just love how this looks on the front door. I can just imagine it would be a great decor piece in the dining room or bed room.  Just like Holly from, we’ve been in love with monograms for a long time too. That’s what led us into selling wax seals in the first place. Her monogram decoration idea is just beyond cool not to mention timeless.

Photo by Holly Mathis Interiors

Southern Proper Monograms, one of Holly’s sponsors, cuts out monograms from birch wood. You can choose different sizes and fonts. We will definitely bookmark this item for a future purchase.

Holly Mathis Interiors

Stuff No One Told Me

Alex Noriega is an illustrator from Barcelona. He draws lessons he has learned in life while trying to make sense of the crisis he was experiencing due to work related issues back in 2010. Visit his blog to see more of his interesting work.

This is so true but hard to remember when you're stressed.

Listening to my instincts saved me from many potentially unpleasant situations

Alex Noriega


Kasey Hamel

We love to collaborate with artist and sellers. Kasey approached us on using our seals for a wedding fair she did early this year.  You can view her lovely paper goods at her Etsy shop and read more about her work at her blog.


Kasey's invitation with our wax seal sample

Kasey Hamel


Sally’s Cupcakery

What’s so great about doing business is meeting interesting people. Having a small business allows you to really talk to customers and share ideas. I met up with S when she bought our baker’s twine and we got to talking online later on. She is an avid baker and I asked if she had a blog.

Photos from Sally's site

Cupcakes, cookie and other goodies

Working as a project manger at a restaurant company and a mom to her two kids, S takes to baking as her creative outlet. She usually takes orders from friends and acquaintances as she hasn’t launched her business officially yet.

Bake Sale

Sally’s Cupcakery


My Fair Baby

This medieval costume looks so cute. It was made by Shawna Jones of MyFaireSeamstress. She’s a 27 year old stay at home mom who has been sewing for many years. When we have our babies, they will definitely be in costume to maximize their cuteness factor. I’m sure playtime will be so much fun for my future little princess or prince.

{ Photo: MyFaireSeamstress }