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Penmanship Poster

I couldn’t resist getting this Penmanship poster at City Luxe yesterday. This was similar to the guide we had growing up. My handwriting was so awful until I discovered calligraphy in high school and decided to put some effort in writing.

Although I don’t have a house yet, I’m slowly collecting things to decorate my future home. I’ll be hanging this in my future library / studio.

My Finds: Geometric Prints and Patterns

I know that the geometric craze has been going on for some time now but I’ve never been the trendy type so pardon the late post. Here are some of my favorites fashion finds and home decor.

1 Suspended Dome / 2 Pink Geometric Simple Drop Earrings / 3 Triangle Jotter
O’NEILL Escape Bikini / 5 Hanging Mobile / 6 The Naked Shoe
7 Geometric Necklace

Monogram Decoration

Isn’t this gorgeous? I just love how this looks on the front door. I can just imagine it would be a great decor piece in the dining room or bed room.  Just like Holly from, we’ve been in love with monograms for a long time too. That’s what led us into selling wax seals in the first place. Her monogram decoration idea is just beyond cool not to mention timeless.

Photo by Holly Mathis Interiors

Southern Proper Monograms, one of Holly’s sponsors, cuts out monograms from birch wood. You can choose different sizes and fonts. We will definitely bookmark this item for a future purchase.

Holly Mathis Interiors

Harry Potter Fan Art

I’m so excited to see the last Harry Potter movie. Although I love the book over the movies, the way that the directors have interpreted and breathe life into the book is very entertaining as well.

{Painting by constructivelyrandom}

{ Golden Snitch Necklace: LeslieShields }

{ Earrings by: kayleighm }