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Track Your Travels via Scrath Map

I love to travel and this piece is just a perfect way to track where I’ve been. Although I’ve only been to a few countries, I plan to see the world in my lifetime. This piece is called My Scratch Map. It looks like a classic map that has scratch off paint superimposed on some lovely geographic detail. Simply scratch off the top layer of gold foil to reveal the lovely and colourful geographic detail underneath.

Cute Embroidery Hoops

These lovely embroidery is by Megan Van Sipe of Lilac Saloon. She grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan and studied Fashion Design. She worked as a Textile Designer for a few years before quitting her job and working full time designing for Lilac Saloon. She and her husband live in a small town in Northwestern Iowa and they hope to inspire others to follow their hearts and do what they love.

Dreaming of Storage Organizers

I’ve noticed that I am preferring wood and neutral textures in decor lately. I’m drawn to simple designs like this office. We have tons of stuff in our room and having something like this would make the the place look so streamlined.  We already have a similar table and the same chair. If only I can find this kraft box organizers here.


It’s not who you are that holds you back…

I’m dreaming of my future home again and I’ve been looking at beautiful prints to adorn my future studio or living room. I found this wonderful designer and blogger, Valentina Ramos. She currently lives in the Sunshine State but she’s originally from Valenzuela. Her prints are very affordable at $15 each for a 8×10 size.  

Here are a few of my favorites: 


Pompom Wreath

I just love how Danielle from Thompson Family-Life created decorated her fireplace this holiday season. The white lights and color palette she selected is playful yet elegant. My favorite is the gorgeous pompom wreath. It  is such a great focal point for the area and it has this playful quality that makes her decor magical. The socks remind me of  Dr. Seuss characters and the cute doilies are so Martha chic.