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Japanese Gift Wrapping

Wrapping gifts in fabric is called Furoshiki. This Japanese style of gift wrapping encourages recycling and reuse. You can just use any cloth that you have to wrap a present and its looks pretty as well.

You check this tutorial from giverslog by AmberLee who is a California mom, chocolate maker, and country girl. GiversLog is her avenue to catalog all her projects and other things she adores. Visit her blog for more details on this tutorial.

{ Photo: giverslog }

The Japanese government has also published a nice guide on “How to Use Furoshiki” at Ministry of the Environment.

{ Photo: Ministry of the Environment }

Polymer Gift Tags by Poppytalk

This tutorial from Poppytalk is so cool. You can make your own polymer gift tags. I can just imagine making the tags for a special occasion like a wedding where you can make a small plate with the couple’s wedding details and turn it into a ring holder.

{Photos: Poppytalk}

You can get the metal stamping alphabets at specialty stores  like EviesToolEmporium.

DIY Heart Paper Clips

I always loved stationery ever since I was a kid. I would hang out at my aunt’s bookstore and I would save up my allowance to buy paper goods and office supplies. I just had to share this tutorial. It’s frugal and cute solution to making a boring paperclip into something special.

This tutorial was made by Jessica Jones. She’s a graphic, textile designer and a blogger. Hop over to her blog for more details on this tutorial.

Making marbled wax seal impressions

We always test all custom wax seals we deliver to our customers and for Soul Mystique‘s custom wax seal quallity check, we decide to do a mix of light blue wax and dark blue wax to emulate a sort of marbled or glittery effect that they have on their website. Gavin and Lydia are dance sport professionals who incorporate ballroom dancing and the art of quick costume changes in their performance. They have performed in Australia’s Got Talent and we recommend that you check out their website to see exciting videos of their performances.

Anyway, we we’re quite happy with the result and decided to share the tutorial.

Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters

I found these cookie cutters while hunting for wedding favours. They are from Williams Sonoma and the set includes pre-made greetings such as Welcome, Happy, Birthday, Holidays, Thank You, From, I Love You, three sets of alphabet letters, extra vowels and other commonly used letters so that you can create a message on your cookie.  This would definitely make unique and budget friendly favours to give away.

Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters Williams-Sonoma

Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters Williams-Sonoma

Make your own mustache!

We bought these mustaches from a party shop. The pack contained a couple of mustaches made of this black fluffy material. Though it was fun to put on for our Christmas dinner party the fibers from the mustache kept coming off.

I researched about different types of mustaches and I found six that I liked. I’m thinking of making some felt mustaches that we can use for our photo booth. I’ll post my project if I have time to make the mustaches this weekend.

Make your own party mustaches

Make your own party mustaches

Just print the PDF file using A4 sized paper and cut along the dotted lines  and voila, you have a mustache template. PDF template after the jump: mustache_tutorial_template

I would love to hear about any projects you’ve made using my template. Happy New Year!