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Spacing Guide Sheet for Modern Calligraphy

One of the challenging things in learning Modern Calligraphy is tackling the issue of connecting and spacing letters as you’re learning how to flex the pen. This takes some time to get used to.

Spacing Guide Sheet Practice

Practicing with the Spacing Guide Sheet

During our workshop, we address this issue by providing different types of guide sheets. We develop our own materials to help speed up learning and to equip participants on how to successfully practice at home. We provide some exemplars and one-on-one instruction but the key to learning calligraphy is always to set aside time to practice. We highly recommend practicing for at least 20 minutes at least thrice a week. You can download this guide sheet via our drop box link but please do not link directly to Dropbox if you want to share this guide sheet in your site. Please link to this blog post. You can download a copy of the Modern Calligraphy Spacing guide sheet here so you can practice at your own convenience. You may also like to check out our blank guide sheets here.

Calligraphy Spacing Guide Sheet

    We recommend:

  • printing using a laser printer
  • using the highest quality copy bond paper available

We love hearing feedback and questions from our participants since it allows us to improve the class, learning materials or format. Feel free to email us or get in touch via our contact form. We’d love to hear how you’re progressing. Please leave a comment below.

DIY Bottle Labels

I wanted to make some bottle labels for the repackaged ink we will be using for our calligraphy workshop. We selected some wide rimmed bottles that will be an ideal for fit the nib and holder.

DIY Bottle Labels

Since the labels will change depending type of workshop we will be conducting, I decided to DIY some labels with clear tape and stickers.



  1. Print the labels in sticker paper. I used a laserjet printer since it prints with a glossy sheen.
  2. Write on the label using a Sharpie or dip pen.
  3. Stick the clear tape over the printed labels.
  4. Cut out each label.

Use clear tape over the sticker labels to protect the writing

If you’re making a few labels at a time, you can stick them directly on the tape and cut it them out.

Be careful not to leave air pockets  between the paper and tape.

If you’d like to make your own labels with our printable template, you can download them for free here for your personal use. Link with love!

Free Valentine’s Patterns

Handmade gifts are always the best and to help you make your present to your love ones this year, I’ve created six different patterns for you to use in your personal projects. This is the first time I’ve designed a printable pattern based on what I think are the icons of Valentine’s Day. Hop over at Pretty Paper Things to download these goodies.

Free Christmas Gift Tag Printables

We’ve created some gift tags for the holiday season so we can personalize our gifts to our loved ones. Last weekend, we had a gift exchange with friends. We made our own wrapping paper using some handmade stamps and colorful stamp pads that we made for last year’s craft party.

Click on this graphic, download and print with your laser or ink jet printer.

Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Wax Seal Packaging Set

We’re spreading the love with this Valentine’s Day Giveaway and anyone anywhere can join. Feel free to share this promotion with your family, friends and readers.

How to join:

  1. Just log-in to Rafflecopter below using your Facebook account or name and email.
  2. Click on the only option “Leave a Blog Post Comment”
  3. Leave a comment on this post. Answer the question: “What is the one thing you love that you can’t live without?”

You get a chance to win the following items:

  • Any available wax seal of your choice (with wooden handle)
  • 1 bottle of red wax beads
  • 1 large wax spoon
  • 1 large spool of red baker’s twine

Win this on Valentine's Day

Rafflecopter will pick a winner on Valentine’s Day. We will contact the winner to get their shipping information.

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Free Printable: Thank You Cards for Christmas

Do you need to send thank you cards for some presents your received this Christmas? Check out these lovely free Thank You card and sticker printable from Brandi of keeping it indie. Check out her blog for more projects and recipes.

Download at keeping it indie

keeping it indie

Map from Sacred Heart to Marco Polo

I’ve had a request a few weeks back for the map we used for our wedding. We’ve uploaded a map that from Sacred Heart to Marco Polo at our flickr account. You should be able to access it after the jump. I have to look for a link for a file sharing site when I’m not so swamped anymore. I’m planning to do a series of maps or illustration of Cebu churches when my schedule clears.

Please link back or comment below if you used the file. Thanks!