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Little Yellow Owl Tutorial

We want to share this owl tutorial from the workshop we conducted at the Yellowren Arts Festival last August. We were experimenting with the newly released Hyperlapse app and decided to shoot a video.

Little Yellow Owl Tutorial

We displayed a few designs for participants to choose from, however, most people wanted to finish making the paper craft in under 30 minutes. We came up with this simplified owl tutorial design.

Owl Tutorial

Breakdown of the design


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Kokoru Ichi
  • Kokoru Hachi
  • Pair of Tweezers

You can make the corrugated paper rolls by taking a thin strip of Kokoru Ichi and making a paper spiral. Glue the edge using hot glue gun instead of regular glue since you will need something that bonds quickly. Use the tweezers to hold the small pieces of paper so you can put hot glue on it without burning your fingers.

When working with hot glue gun, children should not be allowed to use this tool unsupervised since it is a burn hazard. In our workshop, we had to operate the hot glue gun ourselves and assist the kids with sticking the parts together so we would suggest to do the same if you’re doing this craft with kids.

I hope you enjoy making this owl tutorial or a similar design with these materials. Please share a link in the comments below and we would be glad to feature selected designs.

Guest Post: DIY Washi Tape Silhouette Portrait

I love washi tape. They just make everything instantly pretty. Washi Tape + Silhouette = You own artwork.

This is a great project and it will only take you an hour to complete. Check out our guest post at Lloralye on the detailed steps on how to make your own Washi Tape Silhouette Portrait.

NOTE: Lloralye has changed her blog. Please click here to go to her new blog Seams Unbiased.

Guest Post: DIY Calendar Pendant

I tend not to throw out calendars because of the high quality of the gorgeous images in them. It seems like a waste even when the years over. I have discovered that the back images are the perfect size for pendants. I make them with scrabble tiles but any size or shaped pendant would do.


calendar backs
scrabble tiles
glue (I used mod podge and tacky glue but most clear, strong glues should work)
diamond glaze

1. Hold your tile firmly to the page and cut around it. You can also make a template with a square you don’t want to use if you find it easier to cut holding paper to paper.

2. Brush an even coat of glue (mod podge) over the tile and secure the paper over it.

3. Glue (tacky glue) the bail onto the back of the pendant. Hold for a few minutes to make sure it sets properly.

4. Evenly spread diamond glaze over the top for a great glossy finish! I let it set for about a day to make sure the glaze is no longer tacky but it seems to be dry within a few hours.

Enjoy! xoxo Lorelai

About: Lorelai M.

Lorelai aka Lloralye is a crafter, blogger and web designer. She loves her boyfriend, animals, travelling and video games. Get to know more about Lorelai thorough her blog which features health, fitness, beauty and featured finds.

Making marbled wax seal impressions

We always test all custom wax seals we deliver to our customers and for Soul Mystique‘s custom wax seal quallity check, we decide to do a mix of light blue wax and dark blue wax to emulate a sort of marbled or glittery effect that they have on their website. Gavin and Lydia are dance sport professionals who incorporate ballroom dancing and the art of quick costume changes in their performance. They have performed in Australia’s Got Talent and we recommend that you check out their website to see exciting videos of their performances.

Anyway, we we’re quite happy with the result and decided to share the tutorial.

Making Message-in-a-Cookie-Cutter Cookies

I don’t have much experience in baking so my husband teaches me how to bake stuff. Growing up, he helped his Mom bake during holiday season. We tinted the dough pink, green and yellow. Last night he made the dough for the sugar cookie recipe that came with the Message-in-a-Cookie-Cutter set. We left it in the fridge as instructed and decided to make it this afternoon.

Our friends, Shanta and Kyle, helped us make the cookies. We gathered around the window with a table pushed against the wall so that we could have great lighting. It was actually my first time making cookies and it was quite fun. We had a tough time getting the impressions to come out properly at first so then we decided to review the instructions.

You have to keep pushing the knob like thing (also called the plunger) while lifting the cookie cutter so that you get the best impression. The dough would become warm and hard to roll and Kyle had this idea to bring a bowl of ice to keep the dough cool while we thought of messages to imprint in the cookies.

The cookies did not come out like the one’s in the photo at all after we took out the first batch. The message actually became blurred when we cooked it even if we refrigerated it for 12 mins as instructed. We placed the second batch in the freezer to cool before baking since I remembered that frozen bread actually bakes well and when I peeped in the oven window the cookies started to look close to the photo but then we were making this big dinner and we forgot about the cookies. The cookies became toasted but the good news is that the impressions were better.  The next time we make the cookies, we will probably leave it in the freezer longer before baking it.

So here are some tips when making the cookies:

  • Have a bowl full of ice to keep the dough cool while you think of messages for the cookies.
  • Make sure your hands are cool so dip them in iced water or better yet hold them up against the AC.
  • Work in a cool room.
  • Place wax paper under the cookie dough and make the impression. It makes it easy to arrange them in the baking sheet and ensures that the impressions are not damaged while moving the cookies about.
  • Push the plunger while lifting the cookie cutter.
  • Use flour generously to coat the cookie cutter and the letters to keep the dough from sticking on them.
  • Freeze the cookies instead of refrigerating it

So a more experienced baker might have better luck with making these cookies. The recipe tastes great though. We will to make this some other weekend and we will try it with the original and a short bread recipe to see if the message doesn’t become blurry after baking.