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Free Printable Christmas Card – Pay It Forward

Every now and then we offer free printables here in our blog and for Christmas you can download this free digital printable for the whole month of December. It took me a few hours to come up with the design and illustrate this card and we’re giving it away but there is a catch.

Pay It Forward this Christmas

This is a Pay It Forward thing and we’d like you to do something nice for someone in need or make a donation worth $5 to the charity of your choice. Let’s make an effort to spread some joy this festive season.

We’d love to hear what nice thing or good deed you’ve done for this Pay It Forward card.

Merry Christmas!

Font Credits: Nelma

Mavi’s Birthday Party

My godson’s first birthday party was last month and since I’m all the way here in Singapore, I was glad that I could contribute something to this special event. The theme for the party was Mustache Man and I made the custom graphics and cake topper just for Mavi.

Our Little Man, Mr. Mavi turned 1

My friend Melissa is a pastry chef based in General Santos City and she owns Mavilous Cakes and Pastries with her husband Meiji. She baked all these and styled the entire event. The tablescape has cheese blondies, cupcakes, cake pops and blueberry mousse.

Yummy yummy baked goods

Meliza made a lot of DIY for this event and planned the party months in advance. I just love the bottles with the googly eyes. Isn’t it adorable?

Custom goodie bags and giveaways


Singapore Insider Guide Project

We’ve been planning to make an insider guide for tourists in Singapore so we can share our favorite things. We’re currently compiling pictures and making illustrations for this free pdf guide. Here are some badges that I’ve been working on for this project.

My badges: (left – right) Shop houses, double-decker bus, personal grocery shopping bag, drinks, food

If you’d like to contribute to our insider guide, get in touch with us via the contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

Strongman Dad – Father’s Day Greeting Card

We all think our father is the best. When I think of attributes that describe my father the word strong always comes to mind. So I decided to draw a strongman for our Father’s Day greeting card.

The design is inspired by mid century illustrations and the text is hand drawn type. I wanted to keep the colors to muted and the design simple.

I love using a Muji notebooks and felt markers when I’m sketching my designs. The notebook paper doesn’t bleed and the markers dont’ have a that weird smell.

We’ve listed this item in our shop and it’s available for purchase at Public Garden this weekend.

Crafty Singapore Logo

Singapore Handmade has recently rebranded the team name to Crafty Singapore and I was asked to design the logo. During the meet-up, it was decided that the new logo would be a fox since the it represents the word crafty and the team needed a mascot. I did some sketches and finalized the design.

The logo is a hand drawn image which was digitized and colored. The font is by Khyrs Bosland. Khyrs offers great prices for commercial use and even for use in branding. What do you think about the new logo?

Daruma Doll

My next illustration is anothery charm from Japan. The Daruma Doll is a Japanese wishing doll modeled after the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. These dolls are usually purchased during the new year.

Most of the Daruma dolls are made in Takasaki City and they come with their eyes blank. You’re supposed to draw one of the eyes to upon setting a goal and you draw the other one as a sign of gratitude to the Daruma when you achieve your goal.

Lucky Cat

One of the things I want to do this year is to make more illustrations. What better way to start my project than to draw a lucky charm. This illustration is about the Japanese lucky charm called Maneki-neko or the Beckoning Cat. It is believed to bring good luck to its owner. If the left paw is raised, it is said that it brings customers to establishments and if the right paw is raised,  it’s good luck and wealth.

The bell and bib signify material abundance and wealth. The gold coin is called Koban which is a currency during the Edo period. It is inscribed with the text, 10,000,000 ryo or a huge fortune. There are many folktales about the origin of this figurine.You can read them here.

This print will be for sale once we put up Prints and Illustration section in our in our shop. We’re still thinking if we’re going to offer digital files or prints like cards and posters. I’d love to make a series of illustrations about lucky charms. What are the lucky charms in your country?


Watercolor Projects

I’ve always been fascinated with travel journals. Tokyo on Foot inspired me to learn watercolor so I can keep a travel sketchbook.

Cool illustrations by the author, Florent Chavouet

So last week, I decided I’m going to learn how to do watercolor. I know it will be challenging since I’m just learning this through reading books but I’m hoping to join a proper class sometime this year when I’m not so busy anymore.

I borrowed a few books on learning how to do watercolor from the library and I’am currently reading Trudy Friend’s Watercolour Problems and Solutions. This book shows what are the errors beginners usually do and how to fix them.

Lots of great tips and tricks to jump start my learning process

Here are a few of my watercolor projects:

Still can't blend colors so well

Trying the exercise on how to make the subject pop

My most successful watercolor so far


Kim and Alfon’s Wedding Invitation

We created this custom invitation for our friends, Kim and Alfon. Kim showed me this picture from a library book of a paper cut invitation that she liked and I based the feel of their invitation from that inspiration. The bride wanted an invitation based on her favorite color which is green and she liked the style of the illustration I made for another save the date.

Glassine Envelope with a Silver LT Wax Seal

The seal was made using silver wax beads and a 2 letter seal which is available from our store. The main invitation and insert is printed on linen textured paper. The small reception card is the size of a business card which indicates the venue address and printed at the back of the card is the contact information of the couple as well as their sisters who are in charge of the RSVP. Having the small card handy will be convenient for guest who will be travelling to the mountain side reception venue from the city.