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Owl Plushies

We launched our new plushies at the Public Garden Flea Market this weekend. We got a lot of customers interested in buying the sewing pattern and complete sewing kit which we will be launching this month.

It was difficult to part with two of our plushies . I guess it is so easy to get attached to something you spend hours making. The lovely ladies from gave our plushies a new home. We got one of them to pose for a quick photo.

Bought by the ladies from

Juvy and Jan’s Ring and Arrhae Pillows

Our friends, Juvy and Jan are getting married this March. The colors they wanted us to work with were yellow, light blue and dark blue.

We had two chickadees nestled on moss in a bird’s nest for the ring pillow. It is accented by ribbon roses and a light blue ribbon to secure the rings in place.

The coin or arrhae holder is a yellow pouch secured in a basket. We used two blue chickadees, moss and ribbon roses to accent the basket and keep in theme.

Best wishes and congratulations to the lovely couple!

Erika and Mark’s Wedding Invitation with a Wax Seal

I was so excited when I saw a link to Erika’s blog, the fab and the frugal, featuring her wedding invitation with our M&E wax seal. The black and white invitation looks so elegant and the punch of Kelly green sealing wax adds such a great accent color to their invitation.

M&E Wax Seal

Erika and Mark's Wedding Invitation

Erika’s blog

Kim and Alfon’s Wedding Invitation

We created this custom invitation for our friends, Kim and Alfon. Kim showed me this picture from a library book of a paper cut invitation that she liked and I based the feel of their invitation from that inspiration. The bride wanted an invitation based on her favorite color which is green and she liked the style of the illustration I made for another save the date.

Glassine Envelope with a Silver LT Wax Seal

The seal was made using silver wax beads and a 2 letter seal which is available from our store. The main invitation and insert is printed on linen textured paper. The small reception card is the size of a business card which indicates the venue address and printed at the back of the card is the contact information of the couple as well as their sisters who are in charge of the RSVP. Having the small card handy will be convenient for guest who will be travelling to the mountain side reception venue from the city.

Wedding Cake Toppers

I created this cake topper for Yati and Halem. She sent me a photo of their wedding attire and wanted the cake toppers to be styled in the same manner. She also wanted to incorporate this purple color that is similar to the OPI nail polish she’ll be wearing on her special day.

Inspired by Yati and Halem's wedding outfits

Our Wax Seal was featured on the Etsy Front Page!

Our modern wax seal was featured in the Etsy Front Page via the “I’d rather be writing” treasury curated by CardsbyR last July 22, 2011. I just found out about it today. We are so happy to have been featured! Getting on the front page means a lot of shop exposure and it could be the reason why August sales where off the charts.