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Sponsored Post: Beauty Biotics

The Sample Store sent me these Beauty Biotics products to test and review. I don’t usually try or buy products until I’ve done some research on them and I was eager to try these products since they seemed very promising and the are deemed safe for sensitive skin. I’ve tested and used these products for more than 3 weeks and here is my complete review.

My skincare for the past few years has been focused on hydrating my skin since my cheeks tend to get really dry no matter what hydrating product I use. I’ve tried so many soaps, toners and creams, and last year I found an effective regimen combination of products that addressed all my skin woes. I’m interested to see if products from Beauty Biotics will work for my skin without jeopardizing its quality.

I don’t like to spend too much time putting my face on so I look for effective products that are easy to apply. I’ve only started wearing foundation this year after I got a really bad sunburn during our holiday in December and my skin is still uneven. I’ve already sampled different foundations like cakes, liquids and primer-powder combos but I find them too troublesome to put on especially when I’m rushing off to work..

The red spots on my cheeks is covered up and my complexion looks more even

I loved how light and easy it was to put on after moisturizing. It gives my face a radiant glow and it did not dry out my skin. It provided medium coverage so I didn’t look like I had too much product on. I hate it when I check my face in the mirror and I find those foundation streak lines, but I didn’t experience that with the BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector since it was easy to blend. I guess the light texture came with a trade-off which was complete coverage but I would rather have a light product that is easy to put on with medium coverage and evens my skin tone as opposed to full but heavy coverage. I think that the Beauty Balm Colour Corrector is a great everyday product and I am adding it as a staple product in my make-up kit.

BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector Summary $39:

  • Timesaver: Yes
  • Hydrating Effect: Yes
  • All Day Coverage: Yes
  • Easy to blend: Yes
  • Texture: Light and breathable
  • Effective Coverage: Medium
  • Sun Protection: SPF 40
  • Happy with the product: Yes
  • Will I use it until I finish it: Yes
  • Will I recommend it: Yes

Love the light texture and the soft powder puff. I carry this with me everywhere I go.

Over the past few weeks, I conducted calligraphy workshops and went to a few events so my face had to be presentable and oil free from morning to evening. After completing my skincare routine and make-up, I finished it with the BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder. What I like about this powder is that it takes the shine away from my troublesome T zone and it is so easy to put on since it comes with a great powder puff. I don’t usually like putting powder on but I am loving the BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder and I carry it with me every day.

BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder Summary $45:

  • Easy to apply: Yes
  • All Day Coverage: Yes
  • Texture: light and fine
  • Sun Protection SPF 40
  • Happy with the product: Yes
  • Will I use it until I finish it: Yes
  • Will I recommend it: Yes

The fine pearl powder gives my face a radiant glow

I also bring the UV White Nano Mineral Powder with me because it is so small and portable. I love the small compact packaging where the puff is connected to the bottle soa you can dispense the product directly to the puff. The nano pearl powder reflects light, giving my skin a luminescent glow.

UV White Nano Mineral Powder Summary $49:

  • Easy to apply: Yes
  • All Day Coverage: Yes
  • Texture: light and fine
  • Sun Protection: SPF 50
  • Happy with the product: Yes
  • Will I use it until I finish it: Yes
  • Will I recommend it: Yes

I’ve used these products daily for more than 3 weeks now and really tested these out so that I can give an impartial review. I really love the BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector and BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder that I will be adding these as staple products in my beauty arsenal. The UV White Nano Mineral Powder contains light diffusing powder, making the skin look more even and radiant.

You can buy Beauty Biotics products exclusively at Watsons Singapore outlets and like their Facebook page at

Beauty Biotics

Adult Onsies?

Onsies are absolutely adorable on babies and kids but on adults? I would probably wear this to a Holloween party if I didn’t have a costume. I don’t think I can pull this off as nightwear since I’m too old to be prancing around in this. What do you think? Would you wear this?

via Buzzfeed from bestinjapan (Ebay)

Lucido L Hair Treatment Water

What do you do when you have frizzy thin and fine hair? Most anti-frizz products don’t work on my hair since the products are too heavy and I end up looking like someone with greasy hair e.g. Severus Snape. My friend suggested that I try this L’Oreal spray but when we went to Watson’s it was no longer available.

After browsing the shelves for what seemed like forever, I decided to try Lucidol instead since it said that it coats hair making it smooth and it also said that it was a “hair treatment water” so I took the cue that the water part made it a light type of hair product. When I googled Lucido, I found out that it was a top hair styling brand from Japan so I decided to try it.

Lucido Treatment WaterWell I am glad to say that it works. I just spray it on my damp or dry hair and comb through with a fine comb. The spray bottle is pretty big so get a small atomizer from Daiso so you can keep some handy.

My Finds: Jewelry Travel Case

Whenever I travel, I’m always at a loss on how to pack my earrings and necklaces. At the end of each trip, I usually manage to loose or leave behind an earring or lock. I’ve been coveting a jewelry case to keep my baubles and I thought I’d share a few of the cases that caught my eye. I’m loving the Pisa Travel Case. Which one do you prefer?

Reed & Barton Jewelry Chests Tri-fold Pink Suede Jewelry Case – $45
Morelle & Co Morelle Tara Leather Jewelry Roll – $40
Pink Leather Jewelry Roll – $18.95
Rowallan Virginia – Travel Jewelry Keep – $36
Rowallan Carrie Jewelry Box – $43.20
Rowallan Emma Jewelry Wallet – $49.14
Pisa Small Zippered Jewelry Travel Case – $30

Garden Weddings vs High Heels

Most women I know will wear high heels even to a garden event. I just dread it when the heels of my brand new shoes sink into the ground or worse into the mud. I wish I had known about this heel protector from SoleMates when we had our garden wedding. What it does is to increase the surface area of the heel so that it prevents the heel from sinking into the ground.

Can you spot the almost invisible heel attachment?

I also love this simple idea of placing stepping stones for bridesmaids to stand in so that their shoes don’t sink in the grass. The couple, Sarah and Jake, obviously put a lot of thought regarding the comfort of their bridesmaids during their garden ceremony.