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We haven’t forgotten about this blog but lately we haven’t been sharing anything due to our schedule. We’ve been so busy with projects lately that we haven’t had the time to post content from as far back as July. Whenever we can, we just rest to avoid total exhaustion.

It’s so exciting that things are moving along but I think that we haven’t had the time to relish our experiences and really savor each moment before jumping on to the next project. Starting September, we will more selective about the work that we take on so we can launch some passion projects that have been in the pipeline for years now.

I’ve been lugging my iPad everywhere taking photos and I was hoping to sneak in quick blog post however my full attention is required during these events and meetings. I have been active on Instagram since it only takes a minute to post something so please check @katrinaalana quick updates or to interact with us via the comment section.

We really want to share useul information, experiences and reviews like when we went to a trip to Penang, played around with new calligraphy materials, tried some new recipes, joined the Yellowren Festival and so much more. We will be resuming weekly blog posts by September 15.


Email is Down – Fixed

We would like to apologize to our clients and customers if your email bounced this past few days. We noticed that we were not receiving emails at our sales[at] email which is our primary email for enquiry and sales.

We are currently fixing the issue. For any urgent enquiries, please use our contact form or get in touch with us through our Instagram or Twitter account @katrinaalana.

We hope to resolve this issue today.

Update:  The email issue has been fixed today.

Open Call for Yellowren Arts Festival 2014 in Singapore

We joined the Yellowren Arts Festival in Tokyo a few months ago and now the second leg of the festival is in Singapore. The organizers are looking for artists and crafters who would like to exhibit their work, sell and conduct a workshop at the Lower Seletar Reservoir in Yishun from August 29-31.

If you would like to join the Yellowren Arts Festival 2014 – Between Us (Singapore), please contact Jeremy at asap as slots are limited. Please read this copy of the Singapore Participation Guidelines and Event Details PDF as the event is different from the one in Tokyo.

Workshop Review by Hey Jayel

I was checking my comments and pingbacks at lunch when I saw a ping from Hey Jayel. She attended our workshop last weekend and I was keen to read what she thought about it. Please note that this is not a sponsored review from Elle. This feedback is her own.

Source: Hey Jayel

Elle: “It was also great because the class was held in smaller groups so Katrina could provide us feedback and advice as we practice our strokes. During the first part of the workshop we covered the differences between Modern and Traditional Calligraphy and also the different materials needed. I loved the tips that she gave us about nibs, inks and pen holders. I learned more in that half hour she was talking then when I did my research online!”

I was happy to hear that our 2 hour workshop was able to meet its objectives. We made sure that the class size was small so I could check up on each participant’s progress. It means a lot to me that one of our participants felt she learned a lot.

Read her complete review at her blog Hey Jayel.

Holiday Hiatus

After swimming with the whale sharks, we had a barbeque seafood at lunch under the tree. This was the view at lunch.

I haven’t blogged in quite some time since we went home for the holidays in December and we were so busy that I couldn’t squeeze in any time to blog at all.

We were meeting friends and family. Going to several parties and the beach. The internet could not entice me to spend more than a few minutes online. I guess that’s the mark of a good vacation.

We’re finally settled in again. Bags have been unpacked and orders have been filled. I’m so excited for the projects we have lined up for 2014. Stay tuned!

Christmas Crafts and Calligraphy

I was able to make some rubber stamps this week for some Christmas crafts at the office. It took me about two hours to carve this reindeer stamp using the free printable gift tag designs for last year’s Christmas freebie here in our blog. I’m happy how it turned out.

Made some greeting cards using carving rubber and ink pads

As part of our holiday tradition, we usually make handmade wrapping paper to spend some quality time together and to save money. I do hope that that statement didn’t sound too pretentious. I make stuff because I enjoy crafty things.

Gift tags for my family written in my own hand using a Brause Nib

We usually wrap our presents before flying home but I don’t think we will have time to do that tomorrow before our flight on Sunday.  I’m glad I found some time to make some gift tags for my family and in-laws’ gifts so at least there will be a handmade touch to our presents.

Gift tags for my in-laws

What Christmas crafts are you doing for your loved ones?

Amish: A Secret Life

I hope that you keep an open mind as you watch this movie. It is a lovely film about practical Christians and family life.

I saw this video on the Facebook feed of my friend and I was very curious to see it since I’ve always wondered what the Amish were like. I thought that they were staunch religious people that shun everyone around them that were not like them.

This documentary is very enlightening and I admire that family in this video for doing what they did. They are awesome in practicing their faith in a way that I believe Jesus would. I believe that Jesus is all about love and he isn’t too much of a stickler for details. I won’t expound any further as I may be giving away spoilers but I admire their views on excommunication.

One of the things that resonated to me the most was something that the David said, ”Being together and having each other’s hearts is more important than finances. Love requires time, so if you want your child to feel your love, you will need to spend time with them.”

What did you think about this documentary?

Free Printable Christmas Card – Pay It Forward

Every now and then we offer free printables here in our blog and for Christmas you can download this free digital printable for the whole month of December. It took me a few hours to come up with the design and illustrate this card and we’re giving it away but there is a catch.

Pay It Forward this Christmas

This is a Pay It Forward thing and we’d like you to do something nice for someone in need or make a donation worth $5 to the charity of your choice. Let’s make an effort to spread some joy this festive season.

We’d love to hear what nice thing or good deed you’ve done for this Pay It Forward card.

Merry Christmas!

Font Credits: Nelma