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I’ve always wanted to learn how to sketch. I admire people who can finish a drawing quickly and their work seems effortless. So after years of hesitating, I pushed myself to do something about it.

At Upper Cross Street

I decided to draw a series of shop houses in Chinatown. This one took me about 3 hours to do. My mistake was that I drew everything in pencil then I inked it after. I should have drawn the rough outline in pencil then inked the details. Halfway through inking, my wrists were tired and I was getting sunburned. My spirits were running low but I knew I had to finish it or else I won’t be bothered to.

Inking the sketch after making the pencil drawing

I’m pretty happy with the results but I still feel that I’m putting too much detail in. Hopefully I can bring down my drawing time. My target is to be able to do a sketch in 15 minutes. I’m looking forward to sketching in the weekend. Hopefully I can draw something better in less time.

Pen and ink