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Goody Goody Gift Swap 2014

I participated in the Goody Goody Gift Swap hosted by Jenna Cantagallo last Christmas but I was overseas until January for an extended vacation with my family. I got my package when I came back at around mid-January. I really wanted to share what a lovely package I got from my swap buddy so even though this post is very late I still wanted to share it with you.

From Memphis to Singapore

Susan from Susan Simpson Home, sent me a lot of lovely presents.  She is a designer, stylist and curator. I loved the package she put together for me.  I pulled out, item after item out of the box wonderful goodies she sent me.

Goody Goody Gift Swap just for me

My presents include:

  • A six piece set of letter-pressed note cards with a sea theme from Charleston
  • A book mark with the Ouroboros design
  • A card from Susan
  • A number 2 buttons
  • A button with the Memphis map on it
  • A vintage eraser
  • A small notebook
  • A book of Fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen.

I’m looking forward to signing up for the swap this December. You can check out Goody Goody Gift Swap on Instagram to see what items were exchanged and sign-up for the mailing list so you can receive an update when the swap begins.

Animals and Cheesy Puns Exhibit

I’m so excited to join my first exhibit in Tokyo next month. This is a big milestone for me as an artist. I’ve been busy thinking of concepts and drafting illustrations for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the exhibit in person due to some pressing commitments here in Singapore. This whole situation is just so heart-wrenching for me.

Drawing the design drafts

“Between Us” is organized by the brilliant people at Yellowren Productions. The theme focuses on showcasing connections not just with people but also with our environment. We met Joyce, Jeremy and Allan and we got to know more about their work and initiatives. I encourage to visit their website and Facebook page to get to know more about the wonderful work that they do.

Working on a piece featuring a cheesy bear

I wanted my work to communicate a few things. My pieces for this exhibit had to showcase something personal to me, something that at first glance could immediately show the theme “Between Us”, something that spoke about our relationship to our environment. 

Working on the lettering

My collection is called “Animals and Cheesy Puns” since it is dedicated to my ultra-supportive husband, Lex, who loves animals and lettering. Without him I would not be the creative person I am today. I’ve come to appreciate cheesy jokes and puns only because of him.

A finished piece called "My Deer"

My deer

The cheesy puns add a humorous spin to the anthropomorphism of the animals. The choice of using pyrography on wood was made to remind us of how we are affecting the environment. We are quickly burning through the resources of this planet. We need to make a more conscious effort to adapt more environment friendly practices in our lives.

My finished pieces

My finished pieces

I’m very grateful for the opportunity of display my work together with other amazing artists. To learn more about the exhibit and other artists showing their work for “Between Us” go to Yellowren’s website.

Yellowren Productions

  • Website: www.yellowren.com
  • Address: 577 Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 768693
  • Email: info@yellowren.com

Yellowren Arts Festival 2014 (Tokyo & Singapore) – Between Us

  • Location: Design Festa Gallery
  • Date: May 2-7, 2014 (Friday – Wednesday)
  • Address: East Building, 150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingu-Mae 3-20-2
  • Telephone: 03-3479-1442
  • Email: info@designfestagallery.com