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Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore

I love to shop at Amazon for books and art supplies since it is cheaper to buy online and ship the items here. I was really happy when Amazon announced that they will ship items to Singapore for free if you order at least USD $125 and if the combined weight of the items is less than 20 lbs. or 9 kg.

The first time we ordered was during the haze period when all the air purifiers were either out of stock or way too overpriced. This time, we ordered some books and gifts to bring back when we go back home for Christmas.

We’ve tried this service twice and both times our orders arrived within 2 weeks. We’ve been happy with the savings and turnaround time for the delivery.

1. Read the Help Topics at the AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping page before you start shopping

2. Be careful to shop at the AmazonGlobal page so you only add items on your cart that qualify for free shipping.

3. Note down the weight of each item every time you add it to your shopping cart so you don’t exceed the weight limit.