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Little Yellow Owl Tutorial

We want to share this owl tutorial from the workshop we conducted at the Yellowren Arts Festival last August. We were experimenting with the newly released Hyperlapse app and decided to shoot a video.


Little Yellow Owl Tutorial

We displayed a few designs for participants to choose from, however, most people wanted to finish making the paper craft in under 30 minutes. We came up with this simplified owl tutorial design.

Owl Tutorial

Breakdown of the design


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Kokoru Ichi
  • Kokoru Hachi
  • Pair of Tweezers

You can make the corrugated paper rolls by taking a thin strip of Kokoru Ichi and making a paper spiral. Glue the edge using hot glue gun instead of regular glue since you will need something that bonds quickly. Use the tweezers to hold the small pieces of paper so you can put hot glue on it without burning your fingers.

When working with hot glue gun, children should not be allowed to use this tool unsupervised since it is a burn hazard. In our workshop, we had to operate the hot glue gun ourselves and assist the kids with sticking the parts together so we would suggest to do the same if you’re doing this craft with kids.

I hope you enjoy making this owl tutorial or a similar design with these materials. Please share a link in the comments below and we would be glad to feature selected designs.

Mustache Man Birthday Party

My godchild Mavi is celebrating his first birthday party next month and we helped create the party decorations for the party. His mom Meliza has been a friend of mine since high school.

The theme is little gentleman and mustache. The colors for the party is blue, green and yellow.

We decided to create a custom cake topper to match the theme. I hand-painted the wooden cake topper and sealed with nontoxic sealant so that it will be safe to put on top of the cake.

We brainstormed the idea for the invitation and the gingham and other illustration were made specifically for this occasion.

Unfortunately we will not be able to fly over for the party so we will be sending our love and birthday wishes to Mavi from Singapore.

Note: Please contact us via sales@katrinaalana.com for custom cake topper orders.

Baby Shower for Shanta and Kyle

Our group of friends hosted a baby shower for our buddies Shanta and Kyle last weekend at the Canopy Garden Dining and Bar. We chose this place since it very good review online and it was hailed as one of the best places to have brunch in Singapore.

Antonette was in charge of the guest list and the party was an intimate celebration with close friends. We made a mermaid cake topper since Shanta was planning on decorating the nursery in a mermaid theme for their baby girl and we had some fun and games courtesy of Kim and Maimai. 

Pan Seared Red Snapper

We were seated at the Green Room and the place great for a small celebration. We had the pan seared snapper and the eggs le grand.

Awesome Eggs Benedict Le Grand

The fish was ok. It was cooked well but it couldn’t compare to how delicious the eggs benedict were. We will attest that the hollaindaise sauce they serve with the poached eggs is one of the best in Singapore. We’re are definitely going to come back to this place for brunch sometime soon.

We’re on Straits Times Today

I was interviewed by Lisabel Ting for her column, Get Crafty, last week and I provided the steps on how to make a cake topper. The photos are courtesy of Lex under Photosaurus-Studio.com. Grab a copy of The Straits Times today, to see detailed instructions on we make our cake toppers.

NOTE: We will hold another workshop this month. Sign-up to our mailing list to get updates on our next schedule.

Get Craft by Lisabel Ting, Photo by Photosaurus-Studio.com

Make Your Own Cake Topper

We’re hosting a craft workshop on May 25 (Saturday) at 2:00-5:00 pm at The Office in Chinatown. The Office is less than a minute’s walk from the Pagoda Street Exit of Chinatown MRT. We will be making cake toppers for weddings or birthdays. Join us for a fun filled crafty afternoon!Part of the proceeds go to funding Crafty Singapore which is a community for handmade artists and small business in Singapore.

For more details on this event or to book a spot, please visit our Workshops Page.

Nautical Cake Topper and Baby Shower

We celebrated the baby shower for our friend Antonette, Razid and their baby Luke. We planned to do a nautical themed party with my co-hosts Shanta and Kim. We decided to have the celebration at Spruce which received a good review from one of my favorite food blogs, Lady Iron Chef, as a great place for brunch.
Nautical Cake TopperWe bought a delicious chocolate mousse cake from The Icing Room called Choco Magic since Antonette is fond of chocolate cake. We added vanilla icing from Betty Crocker and we colored it blue to imitate the look of waves. The boat was made of cardboard and sealed with nontoxic sealant so it would be food safe. We put high cake pegs to prop up the cake topper and lined the bottom of the boat with foil. The mast and small sailor which represented baby Luke were assembled on the table when cake was served after we had brunch.

Nautical Cake Toppers

Spruce is located at Phoenix Park. I didn’t expect it to be in an industrial looking building on a hill top. I must say that the work “park” in Phoenix Park is a bit misleading. I thought we’d be going to a place like the Botanic Gardens. When we walked up to the entrance I was pleased to see that the restaurant had modern decor and it was set in a lush green environment afterall.

Spruce Restaurant
I ordered the Eggs Benny with Corn Waffles and Hollandaise Sauce. The dish was ok but not something I would order again. I guess I’m not a big fan of the sauce.

Eggs Benny at Spruce Restaurant

I had some of Lex’s Spruce Signature Burger and it was delicious. I might order this dish when I come back to this restaurant.

Spruce Specialty Burger at Spruce Restaurant

The Brioche French Toast was a bit too dry for my taste and the presentation is not appealing. I guess I prefer a more traditional preparation of the classic French toast.

Brioche French Toast at Spruce Restaurant

Some friends ordered the Eggs Benny with Steak and those looked tasty. I would recommend trying the burger over the Eggs Benny with Corn Waffle and the Brioche French Toast. I must say that the service was excellent and the ambiance was relaxing. It would be great if the restaurant’s website was complete since they only have the most basic of information there. I would come back to this restaurant but I would definitely order a different dish.

Note: Since we’ve gotten a few enquiries on our cake toppers, we’ve decided to update this post. Please contact us via sales@katrinaalana.com for custom cake topper orders.

Wedding Cake Toppers

I created this cake topper for Yati and Halem. She sent me a photo of their wedding attire and wanted the cake toppers to be styled in the same manner. She also wanted to incorporate this purple color that is similar to the OPI nail polish she’ll be wearing on her special day.

Inspired by Yati and Halem's wedding outfits