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Candy Bar Jars in Singapore

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I’ve been getting questions on whereI bought the candy bar jars in my previous post.

Candy Bar Jars in Singapore

Candy Bar Jars in Singapore

You can get them in Singapore at the following places:
Riccardo Southern Pottery ($ 8 – 16)
N0.1 Sultan Gate #01-03
Sulatan Gate Palace Singapore 1998474

Daiso at Plaza Singapura ($2)
link to Map

Ikea Alexandra ($6-12)
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Post Update:

I’ve gotten feedback from people that Riccardo no longer sells the apothecary jars. They sold the cheapest ones in Singapore but unfortunately they don’t stock the ones you see in the photo above.

Dennis gave me another place that sells these jars. He said that prices were about $40.

Bao Yuan Trading Pte. Ltd.
15 Temple Street
Singapore 058562
Tel: 62271189

I also found these two places online where you could purchase these jars.