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Circus Theme Birthday Invitation

My cousin Venus asked me to design a circus themed birthday invitation for her that she can print at home. She had an inspiration photo from Martha Stewart.

Inspiration invite from Martha Stewart

I wanted to take the font type and use of paper accessories as inspiration for my original design. The vintage graphics are courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.

A Birthday Invitation for Venus

The set is composed of the main invitation which is wrapped in wax paper that is tied with twine. Two paper accessories are used to give the invitation a more vintage look. I designed a round sticker for the envelope so that there is continuity from the outside to the inside.

The Invitation Set

She was happy with the first draft so a printable PDF was sent to Venus. I gave her some instructions on what materials to use for the invitation.

We’re getting a few projects for digital copies of invitations and we are thinking of selling some of our designs. What do you think? Would you be interested in purchasing digital designs that you can print at home or email to invite your family and friends?

Strongman Dad – Father’s Day Greeting Card

We all think our father is the best. When I think of attributes that describe my father the word strong always comes to mind. So I decided to draw a strongman for our Father’s Day greeting card.

The design is inspired by mid century illustrations and the text is hand drawn type. I wanted to keep the colors to muted and the design simple.

I love using a Muji notebooks and felt markers when I’m sketching my designs. The notebook paper doesn’t bleed and the markers dont’ have a that weird smell.

We’ve listed this item in our shop and it’s available for purchase at Public Garden this weekend.