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Guest Post: DIY Washi Tape Silhouette Portrait

I love washi tape. They just make everything instantly pretty. Washi Tape + Silhouette = You own artwork.

This is a great project and it will only take you an hour to complete. Check out our guest post at Lloralye on the detailed steps on how to make your own Washi Tape Silhouette Portrait.

NOTE: Lloralye has changed her blog. Please click here to go to her new blog Seams Unbiased.

Guest Post: DIY Calendar Pendant

I tend not to throw out calendars because of the high quality of the gorgeous images in them. It seems like a waste even when the years over. I have discovered that the back images are the perfect size for pendants. I make them with scrabble tiles but any size or shaped pendant would do.


calendar backs
scrabble tiles
glue (I used mod podge and tacky glue but most clear, strong glues should work)
diamond glaze

1. Hold your tile firmly to the page and cut around it. You can also make a template with a square you don’t want to use if you find it easier to cut holding paper to paper.

2. Brush an even coat of glue (mod podge) over the tile and secure the paper over it.

3. Glue (tacky glue) the bail onto the back of the pendant. Hold for a few minutes to make sure it sets properly.

4. Evenly spread diamond glaze over the top for a great glossy finish! I let it set for about a day to make sure the glaze is no longer tacky but it seems to be dry within a few hours.

Enjoy! xoxo Lorelai

About: Lorelai M.

Lorelai aka Lloralye is a crafter, blogger and web designer. She loves her boyfriend, animals, travelling and video games. Get to know more about Lorelai thorough her blog which features health, fitness, beauty and featured finds.

Christmas Craft Party

We had a craft party with Etsy folks and friends at Marie’s place. Marie and I thought that it would be a fun way to get together aside from our regular meet-up where we discuss issues for small businesses over coffee with other members. With all team events, we welcome members and guests. Joining us for this event are:

1. Katrina and Lex (Katrina Alana)
2. Marie (Etincelle Studio)
3. Claire (fellowfellow)
4. Lisa (florigamigirl)
5. Melani (magsbeadscreation)
6. Susan (tiramisuzi)

We’re planning on having another craft party by January for Valentine’s Day. We will be announcing the date earlier so more people can join.

Melanie, Claire, Lisa, Marie and Katrina

Susan already left before we remembered to take the photo at the end of the session. Time passed so quickly and before we knew it, three hours had passed.

Talking about our activities for the day

We planned to make cards, wrap gifts, make tags  and make tree ornaments. Everyone was busy working on their individual projects.

Craft supplies for everyone to use

We chatted a bit about business and everyone helped each other with some craft advice.

Just a few of the stamps available for everyone to use

We had a drinks, cake, biscuits, watermelon plus these cute cupcakes as refreshments

Susan’s project

Susan’s stamps were so popular with everyone. I used them to make the gift tags for our Christmas presents.

Lisa’s present for her husband

Marie’s projects

Gift tags for presents for the family

My present for Goodie with handmade gift wrapper


DIY Cake Stands

We needed to create some affordable cake stands to use as display for a craft fair we were attending so we decide to make our own cake stands.

Finished Cake Stands


  • Glass Saucer from Daiso $2
  • Glass Ice cream cup from Daiso $2
  • Silicone Sealant for Glass (dries clear) from the hardware $9
  • Q tips



  1. Make sure that the glass items are clean and dry.
  2. Apply sealant
  3. Use Q tips to remove excess sealant
  4. Place a heavy book on top of the cake stand and let it dry for 24 hours

Metal Clay Wax Seal Pendant Project

I always wanted to create a pendant out of our wedding wax seal. I’ve been researching ways on how to do this until I stumbled upon this material called Metal Clay. Metal Clay has actual gold, silver or bronze particles that are held together by an organic binder. After the clay has been heated in the kiln, the binder evaporates leaving you with pure gold, silver or bronze.

I searched for classes that would teach me how to handle Metal Clay safely. Since I’ve never handled the material before and it involved using a kiln I figured enrolling in a class was better than doing the project by myself at home.  My friend Herlin from theRshop joined me that day. It was her birthday and she crafted a cute ring for herself.

I found this course conducted by Naoko from ncraftroom.com. Naoko is from Japan and she’s been living in Singapore for the past 16 years teaching different craft classes. She’s very pleasant and she gently instructs you with each step. She even provides a lot of useful information about the process itself and even provides some background about the material itself. She conducts certification classes for Metal Clay where you complete a lot of advance projects and you become a qualified instructor.

The trial crash course is only $60 for 3 hours with free use of all materials excluding the metal clay. The metal clay is sold to students at $3.50 per gram. Classes are scheduled twice a week on Thursdays at The Heeren at Orchard and on Saturdays at Jalan Kuning, Chip Bee Gardens near Holland Village.

Metal clay is pliable so you can easily mould it into any shape you want. As it can easily dry up when exposed to air for short periods, the clay was placed in cling wrap.The paper guides beside the clay ensured that I would get an even thickness for the pendant I wanted to make as I rolled the clay flat using a piece of plastic tube. I prepared my seal by placing some oil on the seal so that the clay will not stick to the metal.  I cut off the extra clay using a sewing pin and wrapped the excess clay back in cling wrap to avoid wasting precious material.

Metal clay can be air dried overnight but as the class has a time constraint, Naoko showed us this DIY clay drier using a regular hair drier and a shoe box. She placed my pendant on a glass tile and let the clay dry for about 6-8 minutes. Once the clay was dry it turned white like Plaster of Paris. I was instructed to use a very fine grade of sand paper to remove any rough edges and correct any cracks on the design using this Metal Clay paste which is like the regular metal clay only its diluted to a glue-like consistency.

I used a thick pin to inscribe a message at the back of the pendant. You can use water a drop of water to soften the clay in the area where you want to carve a few letters. Do not use to much water as the moisture will make the material soft and you might deform the piece. Just add a drop of water again if you’re not done carving.  After sanding my pendant, Naoko helped us dry the pieces again the in the dryer. She explained that it is important that the piece is completely dry before you place it in the kiln or else the trapped water will produce steam and distort the material by creating bubble like deformities in the piece and it is also a safety hazard as the piece might pop-up and launch as a projectile.

She placed the piece in the kiln and set it to 900 degrees C. When the piece came out 10 minutes later, it had a powdery pearly sheen to it. Naoko explained that this is the binder of the metal clay. I used a steel brush to remove the powder and the silver sheen slowly revealed itself. After a thorough brushing the piece had a “brushed aluminium” or matte silver effect. I used this large pin tool and rubbed it against the silver to scratch the surface. This made the silver shiny like stainless steel.

I recommend this class to anyone who wants to make their own custom jewelleryand make something special. Our names and our 10th year anniversary date is inscribed at the back and this piece will be an heirloom for our family. The piece that you make will become a special gift to your loved one.

For more information about the class, please get in touch with Naoko at http://www.ncraftroom.com/silver.html

Make your own Flour Tortillas

One of my favourite dishes is the modified quesadilla recipe that I make. We always buy store bought flour tortilla cause we don’t have the time to make them ourselves.  This recipe from Jazibe of jazibesrecipe looks yummy. I always prefer fresh and homemade over store-bought any day. I wonder if this recipe can be modified into a personal pizza dough base. I’ll set aside time to make this one of these days.

{ Photo: jazibesrecipe }

Japanese Gift Wrapping

Wrapping gifts in fabric is called Furoshiki. This Japanese style of gift wrapping encourages recycling and reuse. You can just use any cloth that you have to wrap a present and its looks pretty as well.

You check this tutorial from giverslog by AmberLee who is a California mom, chocolate maker, and country girl. GiversLog is her avenue to catalog all her projects and other things she adores. Visit her blog for more details on this tutorial.

{ Photo: giverslog }

The Japanese government has also published a nice guide on “How to Use Furoshiki” at Ministry of the Environment.

{ Photo: Ministry of the Environment }