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Amish: A Secret Life

I hope that you keep an open mind as you watch this movie. It is a lovely film about practical Christians and family life.

I saw this video on the Facebook feed of my friend and I was very curious to see it since I’ve always wondered what the Amish were like. I thought that they were staunch religious people that shun everyone around them that were not like them.

This documentary is very enlightening and I admire that family in this video for doing what they did. They are awesome in practicing their faith in a way that I believe Jesus would. I believe that Jesus is all about love and he isn’t too much of a stickler for details. I won’t expound any further as I may be giving away spoilers but I admire their views on excommunication.

One of the things that resonated to me the most was something that the David said, “Being together and having each other’s hearts is more important than finances. Love requires time, so if you want your child to feel your love, you will need to spend time with them.”

What did you think about this documentary?