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Strongman Dad – Father’s Day Greeting Card

We all think our father is the best. When I think of attributes that describe my father the word strong always comes to mind. So I decided to draw a strongman for our Father’s Day greeting card.

The design is inspired by mid century illustrations and the text is hand drawn type. I wanted to keep the colors to muted and the design simple.

I love using a Muji notebooks and felt markers when I’m sketching my designs. The notebook paper doesn’t bleed and the markers dont’ have a that weird smell.

We’ve listed this item in our shop and it’s available for purchase at Public Garden this weekend.

DIY Father’s Day Chocolate Bouquet

I was happy to see that Teresa from Lume Brando used our mustache templates to come up with a wonderful and quirky Father’s Day present called Daddy’s Mustache. She let us feature this project that she originally made for Paper and Cotton which is a arts and crafts magazine.

Daddy's Mustache Father's Day DIY Chocolate Project

The original blog post is in Portugese but you can translate it to English using Google Translate. This project would be perfect for a children party with a circus theme or a bachelor’s party giveaway. What do you think?