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Baby Shower for Shanta and Kyle

Our group of friends hosted a baby shower for our buddies Shanta and Kyle last weekend at the Canopy Garden Dining and Bar. We chose this place since it very good review online and it was hailed as one of the best places to have brunch in Singapore.

Antonette was in charge of the guest list and the party was an intimate celebration with close friends. We made a mermaid cake topper since Shanta was planning on decorating the nursery in a mermaid theme for their baby girl and we had some fun and games courtesy of Kim and Maimai. 

Pan Seared Red Snapper

We were seated at the Green Room and the place great for a small celebration. We had the pan seared snapper and the eggs le grand.

Awesome Eggs Benedict Le Grand

The fish was ok. It was cooked well but it couldn’t compare to how delicious the eggs benedict were. We will attest that the hollaindaise sauce they serve with the poached eggs is one of the best in Singapore. We’re are definitely going to come back to this place for brunch sometime soon.

Thai Pork Chops

I always hated pork chops growing up. I remember that the meat was dry and stringy. It was a struggle to cut and chew. Fast forward to a few months ago, I saw a cooking show about how to brine meat and I thought that it was something I’d like to try but forgot about soon enough.

When we went to Thailand, one of the best dishes we tried was this Thai Pork Chop which I wanted to recreate as soon as we got back. The meat was moist and the chili fish sauce was such a perfect complement to the dish.

You will have to brine the meat a few hours before grilling them. I usually kept them in the brine for 12-24 hours since I prepare the meat a day before I cook them. The sauce can be made in advance and keeps in the fridge for a week.

Pork Chops


  • 8 tablespoons sea salt
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 cups room temperature water
  • 5 cups cold water
  • 2 tablespoons black pepper corns
  • 4 bay leaves
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 4 cloves crushed garlic
  • 6 pork chops about 1 inch thick


  • Set aside the cold water as this will be added last.
  • Combine the rest of the ingredients under low heat until all the salt and sugar melts.
  • Add the cold water and let the brine cool to room temperature.
  • Wash and pat dry pork chops and place in a deep container.
  • Pour brine and to ensure that the meat stays submerged in the brine at all times. Weigh them down with a saucer or two, if necessary.
  • Let the meat brine for 12-24 hours. I prefer to brine the meat for 12 hours since it’s sliced into small pieces.
  • Grill the pork chops for 6 minutes on each side.

Thai Chili Sauce


  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • ½ cup light soya sauce
  • 2 cloves crushed garlic
  • 2 tbsp cilantro
  • ½ tbsp. ground pepper
  • 1 crushed bay leaf
  • 2 tbsp honey


  • Mix and set aside. This can keep in the fridge for 1 week.