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Free Valentine’s Card Printable

Share the love with our Valentine’s Day card. This cute french bulldog will wiggle his way into your heart.

Can I ask you a question?

This card is free for personal use. Feel free to post about the card in your own blog. Please link back to this post and not to our download link.

Cocotte Communal Restaurant and Bar

Since my birthday falls on a weekday, we decided to celebrate early with friends so we could hang out longer. Katrina picked Cocotte which she read about in CNN Go and it was also recommend by our friend Marie.

Industrial Vintage Interiors

The place was a bit difficult to get to by cab since the streets were narrow and there were a lot of one way only roads. It would be better to walk to the place from the main road. The hotel doesn’t really stand out from afar and it seemed like just another building. As we walked closer to the entrance, I noticed that the facade had a nice sign and when we got inside I really liked the interiors.


Spider Lamp, Rusted Condensed Milk Artwork, Menu

The AC was a bit too cold were we sat since the huge metal tubes were pointed right at us, however the place looked great. It had this laid back vintage industrial look to it. We sat at the largest table where the lighting was arranged to look like a spider.


We tried the escargot which was delicious but chewy. We were talking about how it tasted more like mushrooms and it wasn’t slimy as one would think . I had the house specialty which was the pork collar and my wife got the Chilean Sea Bass.

Pork Collar

Chilean Sea Bass

For dessert, we split the chef’s special and a cheese tray. Everyone was very happy with the dishes they ordered and we plan on coming back some time.

Cheese Tray and Chef's Dessert Special