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Hand-carved Rubber Stamps

I wanted to create a new look for the notebooks that we will be including in the calligraphy kit for the workshops this weekend since we will have some male participants. During the last workshop, I used the butterfly stamps that I got as a token from the organizers of the MT Tape workshop I conducted last year.

Took a quick photo using my old iPhone

I decided to carve these stamps using vintage sailor tattoos as inspiration. Sketching the design was pretty easy but I had a hard time deciding on which carving rubber to use. I ended up using a Japanese carving block that Lex bought me during one of his trips to Japan. Unfortunately I no longer had the packaging so I’m unable to mention the brand here.

Sailor Themed Stamps: Sparrows, Stars and Anchors

I used linocutters and a kraft knife to make the details. I’m pretty happy with the result. I’m looking forward to carving more designs for my collection as soon as I get more carving rubber.

Rubber Stamps and Thank You Tags

We ran out of usual thank you tags for our packages and we decided to hand-carve a rubber stamp with a seal silhouette with the text “Thank You”. Here’s a photo of our tags. We have several completed projects with wax stamps plus the same stamps we created at a class from JoE which we will be posting about soon.

Quick Thank You Tags for Packages