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Kasey Hamel

We love to collaborate with artist and sellers. Kasey approached us on using our seals for a wedding fair she did early this year.  You can view her lovely paper goods at her Etsy shop and read more about her work at her blog.


Kasey's invitation with our wax seal sample

Kasey Hamel


Addressing invitations

I love doing calligraphy and I will probably prefer to address my invitations by hand as dictated by formal protocol. Our wedding is going to be a formal event and this will definitely add a special touch to our invites. I’m also considering using cute labels that seem to the trend right now. I’ll have to wait and see how hectic things get when we send out our invitations 3 to 4 months before the wedding.

I’ve been doing some research on how envelopes should be addressed and the following links should be helpful. They cover everything from the use of double vs. single envelopes to how to address invitations to family members, to people with titles and even to same sex couples.


Why Save The Date?

Katrina Alana Save the Date

Katrina Alana Save the Date

We made our own save the date from an inspiration I got from one of the wedding blogs. I’m trying to rattle my brains in hopes of remebering which blog featured my Save The Date inspiration.

Just like any other frugalista out there, we wanted to sent the word out in style without breaking the bank. We designed the invites using a photo we took using our camera and used Photoshop to help with the layout magic. We’re skipping the envelopes and sending these out as post cards as a fun suprise for our guests and by keeping to standard post shipping sizes we’re saving on postage so that we can “allocate” our funds on the other wedding must haves.

Our wedding colors are completely different from the ones we used but we wanted to inject a bit of our personal style as prelude to our special day.