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Shrinky Dink Craft Series: Flower Ring

I’ve been toying with Shrinky Dinks for the past few months because I wanted to release a series of Shrinky Dinky DIYs on our blog. A few weeks ago, I was hired to teach at a children’s party. During the planning stage, I proposed some crafts that are appropriate for girls from the ages of 3-12.

One of the crafts that came to mind was making Shrinky Dink* jewelry. Although this project was not picked to be included in party, I thought I’d share it here because I love how it turned out.

What you need for this project


  • “Shrinky Dink*” type plastic from Daiso $2
  • Pack of $7 ring base from Lai Guan at People’s Park Centre
  • E600 glue
  • $10 Oven toaster from Cash Converters
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Baking Paper
  • Tweezer
  • Katrina Alana Flower Pattern (optional)
  • Sealants like Modge Podge, Diamond Glaze, clear embossing Powder, clear nail polish or spray acrylic sealant (optional)


  • Work in a well-ventilated place since using a heating device and the baking process might release fumes.
  • Be careful of sharp edges. Make sure you cut or sand down any sharp corners before heating your piece so you don’t have sharp edges on your final piece.
  • Use tweezers or tongs to remove the aluminum foil so that you do not accidentally touch any hot surfaces.
  • Get a cheap oven toaster on sale to use for your crafts. We prefer to keep our craft materials and equipment separate from items we use for food preparation.


  1. Draw your design on the Shrinky Dink plastic. I used Sharpie markers to trace my design on the shrink plastic.
  2. Place your template underneath the shrink place and trace or make a free-hand design

  3. Line the tray with crumpled aluminium foil.
  4. Before baking

  5. Bake the Shrinky Dink in an oven toaster according to the instructions of the manufacturer. The plastic will twist and warp as it shrinks.

    The plastic will move and warp as it is shrinking.

    You can take the piece out once the plastic stops warping and it has reduced to about 40% of the original size.

  6. After baking it shrinks to less than 40% of it’s original size

  7. Take out the shrunken piece using a pair of tweezers.
  8. Use tweezers to remove the shrunken plastic to avoid marking the design or getting burns

  9. Place the ring that is lined with baking paper on both sides in the middle of a heavy book to flatten it.
  10. Line the shrunken piece with baking paper and use a heavy book to flatten it

  11. Take out the ring after a minute and wait for it to cool completely before handling it with your hands.
  12. This step is optional. You can use a sealant and coat the surface of the ring so that the design does not get scratched off easily. Make sure that the sealant that you use is non-toxic. I did not seal my ring because I like the matte texture and I am still testing different types of sealants.
  13. Attach the Shrinky Dink piece to the ring base using a bit of E600 glue.

Finished piece

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you decide to make a ring using this tutorial, we would love to see a photo of your ring or hashtag us #katrinaalana. *Shrinky Dink is a brand of shrink plastic. We are not using the Shrinky Dink brand of plastic however since the company name / product is more well-known than the material, we refer to Shrinky Dink as shrink plastic.

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It surprises most people when they find out that I have quite a number of jewellery and accessories in my collection since I wear very minimal jewellery in public and I often dress down. I subscribe to the 3-piece rule so I have some pieces in storage that I have not even worn yet. I tend to wear my favourite pieces over and over again.

I’ve loved jewellery since I was in elementary school. My mom gave me my first gold necklace when I was in 3rd grade and since then my collection grew.

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I find that Amore Silver’s jewellery is well made and affordable. They have an excellent return policy where you can get a full refund within 14 days of purchase, no questions asked. I would buy more pieces for myself or as gifts for family and friends.

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