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Galanga Living

I was in the Henderson area today and I saw the photographer for Galanga Living taking photos in front of their shop. She was styling a living room set with some Ex Voto sacred heart cases so I made a mental note to come back at the end of the day to browse the items in the shop.

Located at 211 Henderson

I bought an Ex Voto last Christmas and I decided that I want to start a collection. I was suprised to find that they sell them here in Singapore since these are a bit difficult to find online. Antique Ex Votos cost hundreds of dollars and even replicas can get pretty pricey so I was glad to find out that the ones so affordable. The small heart costs $15 while the large one costs $30.

Ex Voto Sacred Heart Collectables

I quickly made my way to the counter and asked if I take photos and the shopkeeper gladly obliged. I just love it when stores are accommodating. I took snapshots of my favorite spaces in the shop so you can see what they have in-store.

What I like about this shop is that they have a lot of unique items and cool accents in bright colors. I can just imagine how these colorful accessories will brighten up a space. I’ll definitely come back here to get those Ex Voto hearts soon.

Galanga Living

  • Website: www.galangaliving.com
  • Address: 211 Henderson Road, #01-02, Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore 159552
  • Telephone: 6475 2633