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Lucido L Hair Treatment Water

What do you do when you have frizzy thin and fine hair? Most anti-frizz products don’t work on my hair since the products are too heavy and I end up looking like someone with greasy hair e.g. Severus Snape. My friend suggested that I try this L’Oreal spray but when we went to Watson’s it was no longer available.

After browsing the shelves for what seemed like forever, I decided to try Lucidol instead since it said that it coats hair making it smooth and it also said that it was a “hair treatment water” so I took the cue that the water part made it a light type of hair product. When I googled Lucido, I found out that it was a top hair styling brand from Japan so I decided to try it.

Lucido Treatment WaterWell I am glad to say that it works. I just spray it on my damp or dry hair and comb through with a fine comb. The spray bottle is pretty big so get a small atomizer from Daiso so you can keep some handy.