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Film Scanner

While on Christmas vacation, we went through our old stuff looking through old pictures and letters and we found a lot of film negatives. My scanner here in Singapore doesn’t have a back light so I can’t scan negatives plus it would be a hassle to bring the scanner or the negatives to Cebu or to Singapore. I got some negatives scanned at PHP 120 per 36 frames so that’s about SGD $4 or USD $3.5 per roll. So since we still have a lot of negatives in storage we wanted to digitize them so we can share them with family and friends.

Cheaper alternative to commercial film scanning

We went to this place called CDR King. They sell computer stuff and so many other things at bargain prices though some of the items are not so durable but the low prices make the purchase worth it. You can just chunk the old device and get a new one. I’ve bought some stuff there before and they last somewhere from 3 months to 2 years. There’s a local warranty so you really need to test the product before taking it overseas.

Anyway, this film scanner is about PHP 2,800 (SGD $ 85 / USD $64) and we’re getting it when we get back on February for another visit to Cebu. I just hope it’s still for sale then.

Standalone Film Scanner