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One Million Bones Project

While we were at Tiramisuzi’s studio, she invited us to participate in the One Million Bones project which aims to raise awareness for genocide and other atrocities going on today.

Each bone created generates a $1 donation by the Bezos Family Foundation up to $500,00. There are different ways on how you can participate in this project. You create a bone, get a bone made in your name, donate, or host a bone making event.

We both created spine bones made of left over clay. Lex patterned his spine bone like the photo while I chose to create a broken spine bone. Once dried, Suzi said that these will come out pinkish and she will help us by coloring them white.

One Million Bones

Pottery with Tiramisuzi: Glazing Session

We went back to Tiramisuzi’s studio last weekend to glaze our pinch pots. Suzi gave us a quick lesson on the difference between glazes and underglazes. The most important thing beginners need to know is that underglazes, after firing, would  have a close-to-consistent color as prior to firing, while glazes, after firing, may be colored differently compared to its initial color after applying the glaze.

Pinch pots after being fired

I chose to use Malachite which is a shade of teal on the outside and a vivid orange glaze on the inside. I lined the rim of the pot with white underglaze then added a transparent glaze on top so that the white lining becomes shiny.

Glazing my pinch pot

Katrina used crackling painting China Seal, which is close to a sea foam color, as the main color of her pinch pot and she lined the rim with a bright yellow underglaze for a pop of color. She also put on a coating of transparent glaze to make the lining on the rim shiny.

Kat's Pot

The glaze was quick to dry and, before we knew it, we had put on the recommended 2-3 coats per color. We can’t wait to see the fired pots.


Pottery with Tiramisuzi

We headed to Susan’s studio last Saturday to get a lesson on pottery. Since we didn’t have any experience handling clay, Suzi started us on a simple project  making pinch pots.

Tiramisuzi's studio at Goodman Arts Centre

We got a tour of the entire ceramics studio then she showed us how to condition the clay properly which is important before starting a clay project.

Around Suzi's Studio

I worked on a tear shaped bowl while Katrina made a flower shaped bowl. Time flew by so fast. We spent several hours molding the clay and chatting. Suzi told us that the clay needs to dry thoroughly before it can be fired in the kiln.

Pinch Pots

We’re going back for a second session where we will learn how to glaze the pinch pots. It was a fun session and we look forward to our next lesson with Suzi.