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Modern Calligraphy with Public Garden

We had our first workshop collaboration teaching Modern Calligraphy with Public Garden last month. It was held on August 2 which was a Saturday at TripleOne Sommerset. We’re glad to announce that we are holding another session on September 21 after getting a good response on our initial collaboration.

Live Laugh Love Calligraphy Print

We gave away free calligraphy prints for the first time

We love developing new learning materials for the class ever since we started holding workshops this year. We held more than 17 classes so far and each time we tweak and improve our learning materials. We have upgraded our workshop materials by switching to an oblique calligraphy nib, provided more ink and adding more worksheets at no extra cost to our students.

Calligraphy Tools

We equip our students with tools so they can continue learning and improving after the session ends

After the initial discussion on materials and terms, participants practice on the spot. Lex and I constantly go around the room and check-in on each participant several times during the session in case they have any questions or they need additional instructions.

TripleOne Sommerset

Bright white space at TripleOne Sommerset

It was pretty exciting to hold our little workshop and occupy a huge chunk of the 16th floor. I love how bright the light was in the space. We had a wonderful turnout and everyone was so keen on starting the activity. The time flew by and we extended the workshop by more than 30 minutes.

Quote Calligraphy

For this session, we had a quote writing activity at the end of the class. The activity varies from class to class.

Aside from doing drills and going through our custom alphabet, we hold a calligraphy activity at the end of each session. We vary the activity from class to class but for this session, we asked participants to practice writing quotes so they can immediately practice what they’ve learned.

Calligraphy Drills

Drills, drills and more drills!

We had some delicious refreshments were provided by Cupplets. I apologize for not sharing a photo of the actual snack but it was truly chocolatey and a little decadent.

Photo courtesy of Cupplets: Not the actual food served. We were so focused on eating that we forgot to take a photo.

At the end of the session, we handed out Public Garden Participation Certificates for the class. We’d like to thank the Public Garden team for inviting us to participate in their workshop series.

Modern Calligraphy Workshop Participants

Modern Calligraphy Workshop Participants

To sign-up for our September 21 Workshop:

Interview: Euginia Tan

Eugenia Tan

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi everyone, my name is Euginia and I have written two books of poetry entitled “Songs About Girls” and “Playing Pretty” respectively. I am working on a third collection which will hopefully be out by 2014. I am also a youth and woman advocate for mental health issues in Singapore.

2. How did you come up with the names of your books?

I came up with the names of my two books as I was inspired by women – all aspects of it; being a wife/daughter/mother, being a breadwinner, trying to be beautiful for people, trying to keep yourself together in spite of all the challenges one faces as a female, coming out as a grown adult… etc. Different women inspire me every day.

A lot of my poems are based on my experiences being a girl and growing into a woman.

Songs about Girls and Playing Pretty

3. What got you into writing?

I think writing (especially in the self publishing route) has been confined to mainly online portals these days, and not many young people want to maintain/preserve old traditions. Great work, especially writing, should be passed down and books should never go obsolete. I was tired of seeing everybody so obsessed with instant social media and that is why I decided to self publish my books.

I received a lot of criticism for it though, such that poetry is dying and that more people are looking to online applications such as e-books, and this is precisely why I want to do more of this so that future generations (and my future children or grandchildren) will not be unaware of books and literature.

I like selling my books personally outside rather than simply online because I get to meet people who then ask me questions and tell me stories about their own lives. I think that being a genuine person shows and people can see this when I talk to them face to face, so I prefer this outlet.

4. What do you write?

I write poetry because contrary to what a lot of people think, poems carry a lot of weight in them although they can be very short. As a poet I have learnt to say everything succinctly such that each individual word carries as much value as ten sentences.

This is a gift that I try to apply to in my daily life – of doing something small, but of worth and that can endure the test of time.

5. Where do you sell your books?

I try to sell my books almost every month at the Public Garden events which are usually held at the National Museum. Do catch me there!

These books are also available for sale at a cafe called Old School Delights in Upper Thomson Road. Do check them out over there as well.

Alternatively you can email me at eugtan@hotmail.com and I will be happy to mail the books out to you.

A message from Euginia

6. Are you a full writer? If not would you like to be?

I do write full time – but I have other things that keep me occupied too such as my tertiary education and freelance work I do for people now and then. I encourage everyone out there with a passion for being an artist to step out and make an attempt to let it be your life, but you must never forget equal combinations of drive and discipline.

7. Do you have any favorite blogs or resources that you can share to our readers?

I write and post interesting pictures on my personal website.

The HeartThrob Project movement has been very supportive of featuring work from local artists and anyone who just wants a platform to share their talent.

8. Do you have any discount codes or promotions that you can offer our readers?

“Songs About Girls” is currently sold for SGD $15 and “Playing Pretty” is going for SGD $18.

Get in touch with Euginia at:

Public Garden Flea Market

We joined the flea market organized by Public Garden at the National Museum last February and we had a great time. The museum has always been one of our favorite places in Singapore and we go there often so we were excited when we got the invitation to participate as a seller at that venue.  Just as expected, the light was great and the AC was cool. This made selling on a weekend very pleasant.

Katrina Alana booth

As usual, Public Garden has a great selection of sellers and they always have vendors who sell food and drinks which is a godsend to the participating vendors. We didn’t manage to eat before going to the museum and so we sampled all the baked goodies.

We bought several cupcakes from Plain Vanilla and I really loved the red velvet cupcakes.

There were handmade notebooks from Kariton by 1372 Designs made by Ruby and Seb.

Kikei Mono sold these adorable little monsters. Would you believe these are made from socks?

By My Old School was selling vintage items. These old Russian badges caught my eye.

By My Old School

This gorgeous hat by Mandy Pan really stood out from the rest of her display. If I had a great garden party to attend in the next few months I would have snagged this.

Hey Kumo had these cool travel guides. They had great graphics on the covers and I would have loved to browse their items more if I had the time to.

As usual there were several jewelry sellers with unique goods like Strangely Yours and By Invite Only.

I love the bags that Irene from Carrot Pepper makes. The cute fabric and great form makes for a great statement.

Fair Flare sold party goods. I haven’t seen stuff like these sold here in Singapore. I’m definitely bookmarking their shop for future party styling.

Made Little sold these cute kids clothes and bibs. If we had a little ones we would have grabbed a few of these outfits.

As you can clearly see there are lots of cool vendors selling great items. We bought several items throughout the day and hopefully when you visit fairs and bazaars you are inspired to support these artists and small businesses.

Owl Plushies

We launched our new plushies at the Public Garden Flea Market this weekend. We got a lot of customers interested in buying the sewing pattern and complete sewing kit which we will be launching this month.

It was difficult to part with two of our plushies . I guess it is so easy to get attached to something you spend hours making. The lovely ladies from irui.com.sg gave our plushies a new home. We got one of them to pose for a quick photo.

Bought by the ladies from irui.com.sg

Public Garden Flea Market on Feb 18

We will be participating in the Public Garden Flea Market on February 18 at the Goodman Arts Centre Block B near Mountbatten MRT. This is a must see flea for those looking to score some unique goods. The organizers usually select a good variety of sellers. Click here to view our post the last time we participated at Public Garden as a seller.

The last Public Garden Flea had food, art, plushies, stationery, a travel guide and many other interesting products

Public Garden: F1 Pit Flea Market

We registered as sellers for the Public Garden Flea Market which was held at the second floor of the F1 Pit Building beside the Singapore Flyer.

When we got to the parking lot we didn’t see a lot of people around but when we got to the venue there was a good size crowd inside. I have to say that the Public Garden Team does very good marketing for the event. The location is a bit remote but the customers were there. Their social media reaches the right demographics and people were there to buy and not just browse.

Our Booth with our DIY Wooden Display Stands

We also met some great sellers and there were a lot of indie brands in the event. There were vendors selling pastries, ice cream, clothes, stationery, art and even books. The only thing lacking was someone selling cold drinks which we are very fond of.

Bought this informative little book from alter:sg

We met one of the writers, Christine since she bought our wax seals. When I was able to walk around during my snack break I saw their table and popped by. It’s so interesting to meet authors. The book was a joint project between friends who wanted to bring a fresh perspective to interesting places in Singapore. We got a copy and we recommend you get yours. Visit their site at www.alter.sg

Loved the Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake

Milk Bar was one of the first stalls we saw when we came to set-up. They had their tables by the entrance. We tried the Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake which was so yummy. The icing was light and cool while the chocolate cupcake was decadent. See their products and get tempted at www.milkbar.com.sg

Illustrations and prints by minifanfan

The illustrations from minifanfan caught my eye. The illustrations are unique plus the ladies manning the booth were quite friendly. Find more of their work at www.minifanfan.com

Cool items from the little drom store

The necklaces and pins from the little drom store were just so cute that you had to stop and look around at the other things being sold at the table. Stop by their site at www.thelittledromstore.com

How can you not love these faux wax sealed clutches for Veira

So it’s no secret that we love wax seals and we couldn’t help but just love the bags that Veira made. Support this local designer and buy her products at www.iloveveira.com

Plushies, pins and other cute things from Mimipong

Mimipong plushies and pins are just so adorable. See more cute stuff at www.mimipong.com

Don’t miss the next Public Garden flea market. If your like going to bazaars you’ll like this event.