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Bird Air Mail and Fragile Nest Stamps

I’ve always wanted to make a custom stamp for our shop and a few months ago I started sketching some designs. We were using the air mail stickers from the post office and a generic self-inking stamp that says fragile. I fancied something that looked bespoke but functional so that our packages were infused with a bit more personality.

Sketch in progress

I’ve been very fond of sparrows lately, so I decided to base the design of the air mail stamp on that. I had also made a hand–carved stamp a few months ago which we used to decorate the notebooks that we gave away for our calligraphy workshops.

When I finished sketching the design, Lex pointed out that the sparrow holding a ribbon said fragile instead of air mail. I was so excited to start working on the next design that I mixed-up some of the design elements.

I wanted both the stamps to tie-in somehow so I decided to make the Fragile stamp a bird’s nest with eggs. I later scanned and digitized my design to prepare them for production.

We used self-inking stamps to infuse our packages with personality

We decided to have self-inking rubber stamps made as opposed to flash stamps since they provide a better quality imprint and they do not tend to bleed into the paper.

Self-inking stamps
– better imprint
– does not bleed
– more expensive

Flash stamp
– oil-based ink
– shorter production time
– cheaper

Overall I’m very pleased with these bird air mail and fragile nest stamps and how they turned out. If you would like to purchase these, they are now for sale individually at our online shop.

Wax Seal Rubber Stamp

We’re always looking for new ways on how to improve our packaging without breaking the bank and we finally decided to make our logo into a rubber stamp. I just love how it looks on the kraft paper envelopes. What do you think?

Branding Our Envelopes

Rubber Stamps and Thank You Tags

We ran out of usual thank you tags for our packages and we decided to hand-carve a rubber stamp with a seal silhouette with the text “Thank You”. Here’s a photo of our tags. We have several completed projects with wax stamps plus the same stamps we created at a class from JoE which we will be posting about soon.

Quick Thank You Tags for Packages