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Sponsored Post: Kokoru Craft Party

We had a free craft party sponsored by Kokoru last Saturday at The Office in Chinatown. We partnered with Crafty Singapore and invited team members and people we’ve met online to join the event.
Camee represented Olgrin and Kokoru. She was there to help us with the event. It was nice to chat and catch up with old friends and finally meet some people we’ve met online in person.
Two hours seems like such a short time for crafting and having refreshments. I didn’t manage to make a papercraft since we we so busy going around and assisting the participants. We provided some templates for the designs I made a few months ago but I need to refine them more.

These are some of the Kokoru papercrafts made during the craft party.

We’d also like to thank Sally for bringing cupcakes.

Thanks to Photosaurus Studio for the pictures. If you would like to make your own creations, Kokoru products can be purchased at Evergreen outlets throughout Singapore.

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Sally’s Cupcakery

What’s so great about doing business is meeting interesting people. Having a small business allows you to really talk to customers and share ideas. I met up with S when she bought our baker’s twine and we got to talking online later on. She is an avid baker and I asked if she had a blog.

Photos from Sally's site

Cupcakes, cookie and other goodies

Working as a project manger at a restaurant company and a mom to her two kids, S takes to baking as her creative outlet. She usually takes orders from friends and acquaintances as she hasn’t launched her business officially yet.

Bake Sale

Sally’s Cupcakery

  • WEBSITE: http://www.sallyscupcakery.com